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Montreal, November 1st, 2014,
On November 27th, YonderTeam, a group of 5 students from UQAM, will produce
YONDERTONE : L’image sous toutes ses nuances. This event will take place
at Cabaret du Mile-End, located at 5240 Parc Avenue, from 20h30 to 0h30.
All proceeds raised during the evening will be donated to Projet Yonder, a non-profit
organization supported by Conseil des Arts de Montréal. Proceeds will be used to
help young local filmmakers develop short film projects and digital works of art.
“YONDER provides scholarships to the next generation of creators who
are working on short film projects and digital cultural productions in
the development phase. In order to help its bursary recipients in their
creative process, YONDER also offers to match them with industry
professionals who form a mentoring committee” -
During Yondertone, Dj sets by Verness and Alfred Borden (Resident DJ at
Bleury – Bar à Vinyle), Vjs sets by RéMoz & BBBlaster, short film and digital art
screenings provided by Wapikoni Mobile and UQAM, photo exhibitions, as well
as Live Art sessions will be intertwined in a creative and atypical environment
that will contribute to honor images; from painting to graphic and digital art.
Yondertone aims to raise awareness about the fragility of Montreal’s creative
community as well as the importance of encouraging artistic initiatives.
Support Yondertone and help local film projects go from fantasy to reality!


Tickets and information :
Catherine Carignan-Levasseur
Communications coordinator
(514) 718-7981


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