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AfriWater CoP Secretariat
s/c JVE 131 rue Ofe, Tokoin– Casablanca
BP 8823 Lomè, Togo
Tel: (+228)
Fax: (+228)

Investing in Sustainable River Basin Management

AfriWater CoP Logo
Call for Proposals (by November 28



The African Water Community of Practice (AfriWater CoP) was founded in the November, 2011
when a group of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) Civil Society practitioners
joint efforts to achieve a common goal. AfriWater CoP therefore works towards a participatory
IWRM particularly in the promotion of Sustainable River Basin Management.
AfriWater is a coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) working in Africa towards achieving
water security for all and ensuring ecosystem protection. The secretariat is made up of the
following member organizations:

Our Vision: An Africa where the water resources are sustainable managed in a participatory
manner for the benefit of all.

Our Mission: AfriWater Cop exists to connect skills, experiences and expertise of CSOs working
in Africa for sustainable water resources management and to contribute directly to inclusive
and Sustainable Integrated Water Resources management and convince others to advance this
at the national, basin levels, regional and Africa wide.
Our goal: To institutionalize a CSO Community of Practice that promotes Sustainable River
Basin Management (SRBM) for ecosystems and community well being in Africa and to promote
truly participatory and sustainable water governance as a key part of the solution to the
looming water crisis.
Our Values: We uphold Participation, Equity, Accountability, Transparency and Excellence as
values that define our work and operation.
The three main areas of intervention for AfriWater CoP are:
1. Policy influencing - raise awareness on importance of IWRM and promote inclusive
IWRM in Africa towards policy makers and other relevant stakeholders at the river
basin, national and regional levels
2. Sustainable River Basin Management - advance inclusive IWRM in members' respective
3. Capacity Development - build capacity between CSOs and with other stakeholders on
inclusive, sustainable IWRM.
In August 2014, a strategic meeting was held in Lomé, Togo to make future plans for the
Community of Practice culminating with the launching of AfriWater CoP. A key part of
resolutions was to package AfriWater in a way that will reflect its purpose and effectively
communicate to the targeted groups.
We therefore call for Logo propositions that will best suit the description given above. The
AfriWater Secretariat will carry out an exercise to select the best design that will be
synonymous to the CoP and will be present in all the official communication from the CoP. All
interested are invited to contact AfriWater Secretariat at for more
Important notes

With regard to the information provided, we would like to invite you to propose a logo
that will best represent AfriWater CoP.


Interested individuals can freely design and execute their own ideas and come up with a
high resolution image. This should be sent to AfriWater CoP Secretariat: no later than 28th November, 2014.
Individual proposals will undergo a group review by the AfriWater CoP Secretariat from
the 28th November, 2014 to the 5th December 2014 focusing on aspects such as
relevance to the network, reflection on SRBM, and creativity and aesthetics.
Selected proposal will be confirmed on the 8th of December 2014 and an official
message sent to notify the participants of this via email.
Proposals are to be submitted in both French and English in cases where the Logo will
have words.
Remuneration will be awarded to the best logo and further details will be provided in
due time.
The Secretariat may request applicants to alter, or change some aspects should they feel
that the proposal is the best but with modifications. On the other hand, they may
request also for specific additions to the submitted proposal.
We will post updates on our social media on the process so please like us on facebook:
AfriWaterCoP and follow us on twitter: @AfriWaterCoP.

Contact person:
AfriWater CoP Coordinator
Tel: +228 22200112

We look forward to your proposal!


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Aperçu du document AfriWater CoP Logo call for proposals.pdf - page 3/3

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