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Cat Skiing Canada

Cat Skiing
Cat skiing involves conveying people up a mountain in a
snowcat, the same heavy machine that is used for
grooming the slopes of commercial snow resorts. The
use of a snowcat allows people to ski or ride fresh,
untracked backcountry terrain, without the effort and
equipment required for ski touring, or foot-travel.
It is also more economical and environmentally friendly
than heliskiing, which involves commuting to the top of
a mountain by helicopter. First started in 1975 in
Meadow Creek, BC, cat skiing has grown to 20
operations in BC, more than 40 worldwide, and hosts
more than 40 000 visitors each season.
White Grizzly Cat Skiing caters to a maximum of 12
guests per day, which means our unique services are
only experienced by approximately 200 guests each

Snowcat Skiing Terrain
White Grizzly's focus is on steep terrain, as much as nature allows,
while keeping you and the rest of the group safe on the mountain.
Think 1000 metre (3200 foot) runs of 40 degrees!

The largely northeast facing (perfect aspect for powder snow)
mountain we ski is unnamed and is situated in the spectacular peaks
and high snowfall Goat Range of the central Selkirk Mountains of
British Columbia. There are now over 150 runs offering primarily
north and east facing slopes that are protected from exposure to
sun and wind. Most runs are huge: 1000 metres (3200 feet) long
and we average six runs each day. Quality of terrain comes first, and
we guarantee more vertical than anyone else! The terrain has
incredible variety with three massive alpine bowls, epic steep
powder chutes and gladed fall line tree skiing and riding offering
endless enjoyment.
Our guides are intimately familiar with both powder skis and
snowboards so they are very conscious of the particular concerns of
each discipline (i.e. line choices, pointing out fun terrain features,
and letting the riders know when to "point it").

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