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It has a traditional + interactive philosophy


Notice our Readers and Advertisers:
The publishers of Inspired Eye Magazine take every care in the
production of each issue but we are not liable in any way for any editorial
error, omission, mistake or typographical error.
In the case of advertising material supplied, we as publishers, make no
representation and provide no warranty as to the accuracy of descriptions
or offers within.
As publishers we accept no liability for any loss, which any person may
incur while relying on the accuracy or description of any statement or
photograph herein. The views expressed by all contributors are not
necessarily those of the publisher. Inspired Eye Magazine reserves
the right to decline any advertising for any reason. All of the content
published in this magazine is subject to copyright held either by the
publisher in the whole or in part by the contributing photographers. Any
infringement may incur legal action. No part of this magazine may be
used in part or in full in any way without the express written permission
of the publisher.
The contributors of the magazine are responsible for the content they
produce. The publishers are not responsible for any failure to provide
model releases, location releases or the like.


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The magazine is a stand
alone document that can
be enjoyed as is offline,
but throughout the pages
are hyperlinks to further
the experience. There are
links within the magazine
and links to the WWW.

PDF reader supports
embedded media, you
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download link is
provided. Varies issue to

This magazine may
contain downloads.
Downloads will vary issue
to issue but we plan to
release audio visual and
photography related