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10 points to understand our mission and what we are doing



Inspired Eye exists to showcase the work of the photography community, to
learn, to teach, to inspire and to be inspired from it.
Inspired Eye is a platform for photographers. We belive in an ongoing
relationship with the community, expect to see recurring photographers.
We put the spotlight on photographers at large. Wether they are famous or
unknown, pros or not, full time shooter or only have time to shoot after work.
We feature photographers of different skill levels. Everyone started somewhere,
everyone has something to say, everyone needs some attention.
The format, the seclection, the design are geared torwards developping your
eye, heart and mind
We repeat our questions in order to see how different answers can come from
one question. It teaches to see the same things as new.
Each question is about the photographer, but the answers are puzzle pieces
for the reader to pick and chose for themselves. By relating (or the opposite)
readers can form their own view of photography
As much as possible we try to preserve typos and mistakes, we minimize the
editing. This is so to preserve the voice of the photographer and to show that
English is not the universal language, photography is.
Our reader’s gallery is thick because we want to showcase the most work by the
While we do not focus exclusively on street photography, it is the most
accessible form of photography and is the most practiced by the community