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Home Sales Lake Wylie Nc .pdf

Nom original: Home Sales Lake Wylie Nc.pdf
Titre: Home Sales Lake Wylie Nc

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Home Sales Lake Wylie Nc

Kim Hamrick
I am originally from the York County area where I was born and raised. I went
to school here, raised my three children here and I work here! I have a passion
for real estate and a love for the area! As I am a full-time real estate
professional I will provide knowledge, professionalism, integrity, enthusiasm
and a solid business foundation to create your perfect real estate experience. I
guarantee you superior customer service and I will work diligently to make for
a smooth transaction from start to finish.
My goal is to be your trusted advisor in all your real estate needs. Through
constant communication, a steady stream of information and attention to
detail, you become more informed to make decisions that affect your biggest
investment's current and future value. You need the right real estate agent to
trust with your biggest investment. My goal is to exceed your expectations!.

For more information please visit

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