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Deck Railing Systems Jackson, MN
Last-Deck, Inc, the leader in aluminum decking and aluminum railing systems. Last-Deck®
understands that quality, variety and ease of installation are important not only to contractors but
also to consumers. With our 9 Standard Colors and 7 WoodGrain Colours you can have an elegant,
maintenance-free aluminum deck with all the look and the versatility of wood. It is important to get
a deck that will look beautiful for years to come and the best way to get it is through aluminum
With Last-Deck® aluminum decking and railing systems, you can customize your deck with your
favoirte colors or wood grain styles, and enjoy the character of Last-Deck®'s finishes that are made
possible through our custom powder coating. With our patented lifetime decking technology, it
truly is the last deck you'll ever need. Explore our aluminum decking products and see how our
Series 100 and 200 (water-tight decking) can add beauty and simplicity to your life.
Last-Deck® was invented and designed by Last-Deck®
company president Doug Deel. Doug has over 25 years of
experience in the custom building industry, specifically
working with aluminum-based products. He has a
commitment to quality that is second to none. All
manufacturing of Last-Deck® is done in the United
States using American supplied components.
currently operates a 30,000 square foot manufacturing
facility in Jackson, Minnesota. Last-Deck® has been
greeted with open arms as homeowners increasingly
demand maintenance free products to help simplify their
Builders are excited to find a durable product that helps their construction work stand above other
builders. The lifetime warranty assures that their customers will be satisfied for decades to come.
Builders are also interested in the time saving design that can save them up to 75% on labor costs.

Last Rail Attributes
aluminum railing systems are available in 36" and 42"
heights and the option of standard pickets, wide
pickets or glass. Our aluminum railing systems can be
coated in the 7 Standard Colors, the 9 WoodGrain
Colours™ or a combination to match or compliment
your deck color of choice. Mix and match! Want
WoodGrain rail and white pickets? You got it! Create

your own designer aluminum railing system at no extra charge.

Last-Deck® and Last-Rail® has a Limited Lifetime
Guarantee. We guarantee that your Last-Deck®
aluminum decking and Last- Rail® aluminum railing
will be distortion free for life. What’s more is your
warranty is transferable too! The family home is often
our most significant investmen and with Last-Deck®
your aluminum decking and railing purchase can
actually become a selling feature when a prospective
buyer discovers that they will be covered by our
warranty. Download our warranties below and take a
look for yourself.

Care And Cleaning
Your personal time is too valuable to re-stain that rickety old deck over and over again. It seems
like the weather never cooperates and with all of those splitting and warping boards it hardly
seems worth it…. We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. So, when you have a
beautiful afternoon and time to relax the last thing that you want to do is stain a deck, or worse yet
scrape and paint!

Fire Resistant Environmentally-friendly, Non-toxic Aircraft Quality Aluminum Maintenance Free
Watertight Series or Original Series Light Weight (1 lb per foot) Span Capacity 32” O/C Slip
Resistant No Mold - No Mildew No Warping, Splitting or Cracking Cuts Installation Time Up To 75%
Versatile as Wood – Easier to Install No Cumbersome Clipping System Limited Lifetime Warranty
With Last-Deck® your maintenance woes are over. If you have a garden hose with decent water
pressure that is all you need. You will be amazed at how easily dirt and debris are washed away
with a simple garden hose. If your water pressure isn’t the greatest or if some debris really got
ground in and sat for a while… don’t worry a soft nylon bristled brush, used lightly with a mild soap,
works wonders.

Installation Guides
Even with Last-Deck® aluminum decking’s durable features, the design is so ingenious that almost
anyone can install it. The self-spacing planking is always straight and true. The innovative design
of the planking eliminates the use of a clipping system. Fastening and automatic precision spacing
are built into the design. This design allows for consistent installation and also reduces installation
labor up to 75%. A unique starter strip extrusion begins most installations, finishing with an edge
trim extrusion designed to be highly functional as well as providing a handsome look. Check out
the video link below to see how easily the Last-Deck® decking system is installed. Our installation
manuals are also available below.

Contact Us
Last-Deck, Inc.
79434 550th Avenue
Jackson, MN 56143
Phone: (507) 847-4111
Toll Free: (866) LASTDECK or (866) 527-8332
Fax: (507) 847-2331

For more information please visit

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