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My term review of Childcare (list not exhaustive)

Babysitting, sick care, au pair,
Animation during holidays (cultural outings creative activities ...)
Help with homework, preparing meals, small daily tasks.


(theater, creative workshops, face painting, creating games, role playing games)
Teambuilding, establishment of stands for a variety of events.


6months experience (36h / s) as an intern in French Regent,
school remediation, instructor for adults (computer, make-up special effect)

2004 to 2014

Babysitting / organization birthdays

2004 to 2006

Scout Animator (FCS)

2004 Animator for Louvettes section (8-12yrs) - Schaerbeek
2005: Responsible for Baladins section (6-8yrs) - Woluwe

2004 to 2006

Aubry Family

Nanny (10-15H/week - paths, homework, meals, ...)
Au pair (Ile d’Yeu - Summer 2006)
Sick Guard / Babysitting

Girl 11 years
Girl of 9 years
Boy 5 years

2005 to 2006

Biron family
Girl 5 years
Girl 7 years

2005 to 2010

school remediation
(private lessons and

Au pair (Courchevel Ski, Winter 2006 + Ile d’Yeu - Summer 2006)
Sick Guard / Babysitting / occasional support

preparation for exams)

Mathematics (Higher Secondary)
Science (Higher Secondary)
French (primary and secondary)

2006 to 2008

Animator / coordinator
Tennis Club de l’Observatoire

Manager of the activities (excluding sports) for all internships of Creativity
Tennis Academy in Uccle (school holidays- 3 to 18 years)

2008 to 2009

Asbl L’Art&Lia

Manager of creative workshops (workshops in summer + weekend, 6-12yrs)
Teacher in special makeup effects.

(founding member and daily

2011 to 2013

family Ingberg
Girl 11 years
Girl 8yrs
Boy 5 years


Youplaboum Asbl

Sick Guard / Babysitting / occasional support (3-5x/month)
Activities for school holidays and pedagogical holidays

Replacement of the animator of the workshop Music / English (5-10yrs)

(center of awakening and
creativity, accredited)

Aout à Oct

Family Athousaki
Twin’s daughters of 3 month.

Home assistance care / childcare (40 to 50H / week)
Support and translation for different procedures concerning children
(administration, medical examinations ...)
Accompaniment for a 4 day trip to Greece.

Virginie Fontier - mother of a 10 year old boy -> +32 487 37 76 51
Mélusine Fuck - responsible for Youplaboum association -> +32 499 28 73 43
Eric Devaux – father of a five year old daughter and a seven year old daughter -> +32 476 83 30 23
Cécile Brodsky - sister in law, mother of a 4 year old daughter and a 1 and 1/2 year old boy -> +32 479 53 00 23
Roxani Athousaki – mother of Twin’s daughters of 3 month ->
Joëlle Ingberg – mother of 3 kids -> joë

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