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Philippe Rasoanaivo
Head of malaria projects, IMRA
Head of RITAM pre-clinical group

There is a great potential of antimalarial treatments in
different components of biodiversity





Antimalarial treatments



Critical evaluation of the
present state of knowledge
Lack of clinical observational studies on the
effectiveness of reputed antimalarial treatments
Insufficient work dedicated to the antiplasmodial
screening of plants as well as bioassay-guided
fractionations of active extracts
Lack of antimalarial screening on the
hepatic stage of malaria parasites

The way forward
Strengthening the search for active constituents of
antimalarial plants in the erythrocytic stage
Extending antiplasmodial screening to other endemic
plants to encompass large structure diversity
Extending the screening of antimalarial plants to
the hepatic stage
Performing clinical observational studies on reputed
antimalarial plants for home management of malaria
(HMM) in community-based approach

World malaria distribution and
occurrence of antimalarials



« Nature has created diseases and also cure for the
diseases ». Svoboda

Thank you for your attention

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