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“Hey guys, I’m new to the industry and I’m excited to start
making money online, now...
What Do I Do Next?”

By: Marie-Anne Gane

The information contained in this report is to be used “as-is” and as with any
business endeavor, no guarantees of income or results are made. The author of
this guide disclaims liability and support of any kind for the use or misuse of the
contents herein. All trademarks are property of their respective owners and all
third party content on this report is presented under fair use, no copyright
infringement is intended. You should assume no other party, by mere mention of
their name, has endorsed anything you see here. Every attempt has been made to
accurately represent the topics discussed on this report. Your success depends
solely on your own dedication, motivation and desire to succeed.

Credit, where credit is due … a big shout-out to one of my mentors and phenom
marketer Mr. Franco Gonzalez from whom I modeled this guide based on one of
his training materials.

Starting and marketing a home business does not have to be complicated.
And you do not have to have “ALL THE TOOLS” lined up and ready before
getting started, spreading your message, generating prospects, following up,
In other words...
“You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!”
Let’s review these important steps, because it is truly all you
have to do (or have your system do) to make money and grow from there:
1. Get to know and USE your program’s official tools and training.
2. Spread Your Message.
3. Generate Prospects.
4. Prospects Review Presentation.
5. Follow Up and Collect a Decision.
6. Make Sales. Reinvest portion of profits to assure constant stream of leads.
7. Plug New Members into Training. (Step #1)

Then simply do #2 to #7 again and again
without stopping.

Granted, setting aside an “alleged incident” having to do with a tontine inside MI6
Headquarters … James Bond was never involved in a Network Marketing, or
Home Based Business Opportunity at all, however wouldn’t you agree he would
make the epitome of an awesome sponsor?
His cool-and-suave demeanor is a sure guarantee of ATTRACTION without the
need to mention “HOW MUCH MONEY” he made … See the difference?
This guide’s mission is to cut through the “analysis-paralysis” that you might go
through, specially if you are just starting out as an online business owner, and get
you flowing and making money. It gets you going in the right direction.
Marketing online is not dependent of being “lucky”, or even having the right
connections. Sooner or later you will realize that to succeed in this industry you
(as with any profession) will need to develop a set of skills that allow you to
provide value and fulfill the needs of your customers. In short, you need to
become a “007” agent of sorts, putting your trained marketing skills at the service
of Her Majesty (customers).
The advantage of our industry is that it is very forgiving, and you don’t have to go
through a full Secret Service Training … you are fully able to still GET PAID while
honing your skills!
Again: “You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!”
You will learn and grow from here…

Simple. Get involved with a good and reputable company.
As a rule of thumb, always use common sense and don’t give too much “credit” to
the reviews out there … good or bad. As it is usually the case for “popular”
programs, those reviews are for the most part written by existing associates
(good reviews), or by the program’s competitors (bad reviews).
Try to pick a product or service that resonates with you, and that you can SEE
YOURSELF standing behind for the long run… For the most part, stay away of
those “Free to Join” and “No Recruiting Required” programs. Income withoutexception happens when money exchanges hands during a sale, or a commission
is paid to you for referring a new member into your company. PERIOD!
With the same amount of effort that takes to refer 3 people above for pennies,
you can generate way more income by joining at least a mid-level kind of program
that has a reasonable entry fee. You should be able to be IN-PROFIT regardless,
just by TAKING ACTION and following the advise presented in this guide.
The program I chose is called Enviralizer, and by becoming a member I obtained
access to their complete social media and internet marketing training library that
helped me in perfecting my craft. Plus there are no monthly fees of any kind or
“upgrades” involved to get full membership, which makes it easy to join.
Feel free to visit their Facebook Group full of social proof and one of the most
responsive communities on social media with 30,000+ members, by clicking on
the link below:
At time of this writing the group has changed their privacy settings to “Closed”, go
ahead and request to join, and one of their admins will let you in asap.

The next step is to get your referral link. This is a special link that when people
joins your program through it; it will identify them as your referrals and you
usually get a commission or reward just for inviting them over!
Your referral link is usually located in your back office and looks like: or… etc.

Once you get your link, you are ready to
follow the next step:

Go to and pick a domain name that will “brand” your
Your domain will be FREE FOR LIFE with a hosting plan, starting at $4 per month.
NO contracts or extra fees, I’ve been using them for a while and highly recommended
for tremendous savings compared with industry standards.
Again, the domain will be at no cost, and they will renew the registration for you every
year at no extra charge as long as you keep the hosting account in good standing.
Just think of the domain name as your house street address, and the hosting as your
actual house where you will store all you web content. If you are truly serious about
marketing online you will need both, and this is the most affordable solution I’ve found in
over 10 years of marketing online.
Just SELECT A HOSTING PLAN FIRST (starting at just $4 per month) and then
you will get the option to pick a free domain name. Think of one that is NOT too
long and is easy on the eyes to make it easy for people to remember.

Go ahead and pick up a name that is related to Network Marketing, Make Money
Online, etc.
Then I’ll show you how to “FORWARD” your domain name to your referral link.
The reason we do this is because, well, that LONG LINK is U-G-L-Y!!!!!
And you don’t want to be out there looking like an amateur, right?
After you pick up a good one, you will be able to advertise:
instead of your long ugly link. Also and in the case of a popular program, as everybody
keeps posting the same link with their referral ID at the end… the name of the program
is quickly flagged on social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc as potential
spam, so it will either not let you post, or display a warning when your visitors click on it.
Having your own domain name will resolve that issue, plus it will BRAND YOU, instead
of a program’s name, in the event that your company shuts down, or if you decide to
promote another program, It is your business!

Here’s how to “FORWARD A DOMAIN NAME”:
This example is made utilizing Arvixe Hosting, which is our recommended provider, if
you have another hosting accoung, the process should be very similar. Never hesitate
to contact their support department if you have any questions.

1. Locate the email from Arvixe with Subject: “Hosting Acccount Information”.

2. Scroll to the middle where it says “Control Panel Information” and login to Control
Panel with that info.

3. Once logged in, scroll down to the “Domains” section and click on “Redirects”

4. Select your domain from the drop down list of the first box, and enter your long
affiliate link on the “redirects to” field as indicated below:

5. Click the “Add” button on the lower left to activate the redirect,

From now on, every time that someone types in on their
browser, he or she will be automatically “redirected” to your referral link!
Ok, so now we have our referral link to promote, and we’ve forwarded it to
a nice domain name so that we can start advertising, promoting and
networking to drive people to check out our website.
Now, let’s go ahead and review a summary of what the “big picture” is here and
what your mission is daily in order to start growing your business:


A. Ok, now you’re really ready to start advertising, promoting, networking and
marketing to get people to your link.
Get used to your program’s tools and resources! No matter your experience level,
I’m sure you will find a “golden-nugget” or two and plenty of “A-ha” moments when you
truly familiarize yourself with the program.
Remember, this is just a “get-started” guide to get you moving in the right direction as
soon as possible. It is not meant in any way to take the place of the targeted training
and resources that are available for you with your particular program.

“The More You Know About Your Program …
THE FASTER You Will Get Paid”

B. Get Your First “I’m In Business!” invitation/announcement to all
your contacts in email and Facebook + other networks you are in.
(This important step announces to the world that you are in business, proud of it,
and LEADING the charge to let them know you are a resource if interested.)
This is NOT a “recruiting” email.
It’s just a “Grand Opening” announcement that ALL REAL ENTREPRENEURS
would send if they had just opened a new business, and if anything it can be used to
generate referrals from your current sphere of influence and contacts...
This is what it can look like...
Subject line: just keeping you in the loop... Or Grand Opening...
Hello there!
Just wanted to let you know I started a new home business.
It’s designed to serve the people who want to make money
from home in a very simple way.
What’s cool, is that it includes the training, the system and
everything needed to get up and running and making money
from home. Oh, and the big unique part of this program is...
That you are paid 100% INSTANT Commissions on everything.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m in business and give
you my link so you can check it out.
If you know someone who is actively looking for a simple way
to make some money from home in a home business, please share
this link with them... I’d really appreciate it!

Very simple. You will likely have some great emails to send in your back office.
Send to all your email contacts on GMail, Facebook, Friends, Family etc. Everyone!
Send as private Facebook message too! Even post as Facebook Note.

C. Start Consistent Networking and Promotion Strategy on Facebook, Twitter
and Google+ to spread the word and keep your message and smile out there.
(This helps you form the habit of sharing your message in creative ways
consistently and find like-minded people to network with. And it’s free!)

Truth be told, Marketing Groups have become the top performance method to advertise
on Facebook besides paid ads. They are a FREE, never ending source of real targeted
leads, and you can tap it at will to your advantage for the growth of your team, and your
Use the Facebook search bar and search for groups and pages in the
following niches: Internet Marketing, Network Marketing, Home Business, Affiliate
Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Self Help, Mastermind, etc.
Look for "Open" groups to join, as the closed groups tend to be specific to a certain
company's group, etc. and they do not allow other advertising. The last thing you want
to do is be labeled as a spammer! Whenever possible look at the group's rules, which
are usually located to the right under the "About" section when looking at the group's
Facebook page.
One of the reasons I chose Enviralizer as my program, is because they have a list of
over 500 responsive groups to join, proven converting ad copy ready for us, together
with high quality and very attractive pictures to start posting right away!
BE CREATIVE! Instead of posting just text, go ahead and select a cool and attractive
picture related to your topic and post the pic with your content in the description.
Another great technique is to make your pictures "clickable" which will give you
tremendous advantage as people will get redirected to your site as soon as they click on
the picture, instead of going to the Facebook picture preview. The sooner they get to
your main site the better!
ORGANIZATION IS KEY! If you are posting manually you can knock down the entire list
in a couple of hours, again make sure of posting at a normal "human" speed and take
some breaks in between, schedule a time of the day only for posting on Facebook and
stick to it. You can use a spreadsheet to track all the groups you're posting on, and
open the groups on different browser tabs to make it easier ... then is just a matter of
copy and paste! Posting can even be done from your mobile phone, during breaks, train
commute, at the waiting room, etc.

You can also get the ultimate tool in automation by using a Facebook Poster, I've been
using this method myself, and all I do is to set it up before I go to bed, and it usually
gets to post to over 400 groups while I'm asleep! Waking up to new leads and money in
my account is awesome! It will cost you around $50 but it's definitely worth it and it frees
up your time :)

are also included in my Enviralizer membership, thus saving me the
cash to spend on each tool separate.
Whatever method you use, BE CONSISTENT and stick to a posting routine, like a
billboard ad on the highway, it might take some time for people to start noticing your
ads. It's a law of nature that all seed gives fruit! Just give time for the seed of your labor
to manifest and be diligent in your work to reap the rewards!

Be courteous and respectful towards fellow marketers and aim to establish meaningful
relationships if interacting with others, adding value whenever possible besides just
posting your ad.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Start by mastering this technique with only one group before
you jump into more volume. MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN (Branding) and you will soon
start ATTRACTING people to you and your program!

This is not meant to be a full time job for you, posting twice or three times a week is
enough and you can schedule 3 or 4 posts in advance, spend 20 minutes tops on
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday afternoons posting and enjoy the rest of your week!
Once you choose an schedule … just stick to it!

ALL SEED GIVES FRUIT! It is an immutable law and true.
Give it time for the fruit of your labor to manifest!

D. While you’re getting your “network on” with Facebook, Twitter and
emails to contacts and past networking friends... Start getting your

Post-It Note Classified Ads (Very simple and cool tool.)

Dropcards (“Fake” $100 bills with your ad to drop around casually!)

(Post it Note with a Short, “Direct Response” style classified ad stamped on it.)

I call these MOBILE CLASSIFIEDS and they are easy to spread offline while you do
what you do in life. Just leave them on ATMs, Restaurant Restrooms, Book Stores
(business section), RedBox Vending Machines, and ANYWHERE that people will see
1. Buy some post it notes.
2. Rubber Stamp with your classified ad on it. Create it at any good office supply
store like Staples, Office Depot etc.
3. Distribute on ATM Machines, Vending Machines, Car Windows, Book Stores,
Restaurants and anywhere else humans can see them. - You can order your ad already preprinted on post it notes here.
Example Rubber Stamp Ad:
$1,000+ Weekly From Home!
Flexible Hours/We Train
(24 Hour Recorded)
(I use for my FREE 800#, you can also use services like or depending on your budget)

A drop card is a small business card that when folded looks like a hundred or twenty
dollar bill and has YOUR AD on the other side. Very Powerful Stuff! The way you use
them is to “drop” them on the ground giving off the impression that someone dropped
money by accident, therefore getting unsuspecting passer-by’s to react in funny and
interesting ways to ensure no one sees them score some money that they just “found”
laying around.
1. Get Yourself Some Drop Cards. The company I use is called “Realistic Dropcard” and
they truly live up to their name, the thing looks just like a real currency bill and they are
very affordable too! Check them out at
2. The process is very similar than with mobile classifieds, just “drop” them around ATM
Machines, Vending Machines, Car Windows, Book Stores, Restaurants and anywhere
else humans can see them. Below are a couple of ways to market with drop cards that I
thought you would enjoy:
PIZZA DELIVERY GUY – A pizza delivery person can be a great addition to your team,
as they are extremely mobile and get in contact with tons of people on regular basis,
just hand over one of your drop cards along with a nice tip to arouse their interest!
DRIVE-THRU - You can do this in the mornings when people is jamming-up the drive
thru lines before going to work, while you pull-up next to the drive-thru window ask the
attendant how much it is to pay for the person behind you … if it sounds reasonable just
pay for them and have them give the person behind you a drop card! Don’t neglect to
give out two drop cards so the attendant can keep one as well! You can use this method
much more affordably in toll-booths too!
RESTAURANTS – When you are done eating your meal and are about to leave the tip
(make sure it’s a nice tip or it will not work!) just slide one of the drop cards there.
“I even printed a QR code on my drop cards, so people with smartphones can scan it
and access my website as soon as they pick the card up!”

E. Post a “Sales Gig” job offer on Craigslist. Cheap or free and a good
place to learn short copywriting skills.

Create a free account on

All you need is a GMail email account to create a free Craigslist account. Easy.
The two places I post my ads are in the sections of:
Services Small Biz Ads

Jobs Sales / Biz Dev

I post very simple ads a couple times per day.
My ads look something like this:

Direct Response Marketing style ad that drives them to my inbox, and
then an email reply that drives them to my website. Works for me.
I sometimes post my web link right on the site too. Just mix it up.
My ads change a bit too but always simple and straight forward.

Sooner or later you might want to start using some paid-advertising methods to
generate more leads and take your business to the next level.
You can waste a lot of money both online and offline, so whatever plan of action you
take, be sure to keep your costs low until you've proven that a particular method is
producing the desired results.
What if I told you that there is a way for you to actually attract an endless stream of new
members directly to you with credit card in hand ready to join, and actually get paid from
all the people who say "no" to your program?
Would that peak your interest?
Well I'm here to tell you that the days of old school marketing tactics are dead. You can
have prospects chasing you down like you were fishing for them with one hundred dollar
bills. You will truly become the “James Bond” of internet marketing!
The fact don't have to chase prospects, bug your family and friends, hold hotel
meetings, and spend way more money than you make. Believe it or not, you can
actually get paid to generate endless amounts of leads and actually have those leads
ask you to join your business.
With these methods I really left behind my “newbie” phase and went from zero to a 3figure list of team members in a very short time for my primary opportunity.
There’s a great free video series that will help you do just that. It is by my friend Mike
Dillard and in this video series Mike explains how you can actually become the hunted
instead of the hunter. Attracting leads and prospects to you ready to join.
You can review this video bootcamp at:

People like to know there’s a real person behind your business, and the more
accessible you are the better.
It is along those lines, that to succeed online you also have to master the art of the
invitation, and getting at least 2 new people per day to ask you what you do for a living
it’s a good start!
The main point to remember here, is not to engage into “technical” discussions or
explanations, comp plan talks or product details, your job is to be a tour guide and direct
people to where that information is, letting your site or presentation tools do the heavy
work for you!


Let’s face it, when it comes to people … in most cases you can’t really barge in
and start talking about “making money together” without earning that right by
establishing the proper rapport.
Other times they may be close acquaintances, friends or family that have known
you for a long time, seen you get in other businesses before, or even changed
your diapers when you were a baby!
One of the most prominent figures in human history, Jesus Christ himself
experienced a situation like this in his hometown, thus the saying "A prophet is
not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household."
We will focus in a better way to approach –

Hi Jim! Listen, I was hoping you can help me. I know that you’ve lived in
this part of town for 3 years now and I’m just actually helping some guys
to expand a business into the area.
They are currently setting up a whole advertising campaign, newspapers,
social media and stuff … and we are looking for people who are sharp,
that want to own their own business, perhaps to make a little extra on the
side, or even replace their full time income.
Anyway, maybe you know somebody I should talk to, I’d rather be referred
to somebody than having to deal with Facebook or Newspaper Ads. Who
do you know that I should talk to?
a) I don’t know anyone.
b) Sure! You could talk to Keith … (you get a referral, which is great!)
c) Well, I might be interested! Tell me more about it?
This is powerful stuff, as now “they are coming to you” and the whole
posture of the conversation has changed!
YOU CAN ACT A LITTLE SURPRISED – say something like:
Hey, I appreciate you asking, but I wasn’t talking about you in particular…
[ then pause ]

I know, but I’d really like to know more about this.

Ok, here’s the deal, I can’t really promise you anything, but the first thing
I’d need you to do is to watch an informational video. When can we do
this? Are you ok to do it now, or would you like to do it later this evening?

Agree on a time frame and at that time call them up. Ask them if they are
in front of their computer and send them the link to your presentation tools
or website via email.
Let them do their thing with no pressure, if you have a long presentation
video just tell them they are in good hands and that you will get back with
them in about 20 minutes, or whichever the length of the presentation is.

Keep your word and contact the person back, this is the best time to get
people to take action and join your business!

What did you like best about what you saw?

Do you remember the part about being in profit with only 2 referrals?
That seems “doable” doesn’t it?
Let me ask John, how much money are you looking to make into a
business like this one?
Well, I’d love to replace my current income! …

Splendid! How much will it take?
About $3,000 per month

Allright! Do you want the money sooner, or later?
Why, sooner of course!
Awesome! Well if you want the money sooner, here’s what we do…


Don’t let them figuring all out for themselves … guide the new person through the
screens, where to put their payment info, choosing a username, etc. and give
them a tour of the members area. Always remain available for assistance and
you will develop a great and responsive team!

Recommended to do with family members, close friends, etc.
Hey John, listen I need some help…
I just got involved with a business out of Atlanta GA, and it
looks very promising, really looks like I could make quite a bit of money.
I think this might be something I can really do... I dont really have a lot of
experience with this kind of thing, before I do it Im looking at a couple of
opinions and I value yours.
Could I ask your help in just watching a video with business information
and let me know what you think? That wouldnt be too much to ask?
SET THE TIME AND FOLLOW UP [same as in the third party approach]

This is one of the most effective approaches when inviting people.
When you meet someone online or offline, you should always have a genuine
interest for that person, take a mental or sometimes real note about them as
you establish a conversation,
It goes a long way towards a great relationship if the next time you talk, you ask
that person about their doctor appointment last week, a party they were going the
night you last talked etc.
Always listen, and you will be able to identify it more naturally each time, at one
point they will always comment about a goal they have, an issue they’d like
resolved, or something they really want…
Don’t mention your business and keep the conversation going.

Hey Joe, listen … I could barely sleep last night thinking of you, when we
last talked you mentioned you would like to _________________
[whatever that goal/need is] …
Are you serious in doing that, or were you just saying?
Yes! I’d really love to do that really, why?

Joe, I can't promise you anything but I think I found a way for you to get
________. Would it be worth a couple minutes of your time to sit and watch
a video with some business information on it, if there's a chance that
maybe can help you with _____________.

SET THE TIME AND FOLLOW UP. [ same as in the third party approach]

One of the key aspects of being a successful marketer, resides in BEING ACCESSIBLE
to his/her target audience by any means possible. People like to know there is a “real”
person behind the site or advertisement they just saw … and reaching over via
telephone is one of the easiest and more direct means of communication available.
The easier you make it for your prospects to reach you instead of hiding behind a web
page, the more chances that you can truly “connect” with them at a deeper level, find
about their needs and guide them to your solutions (program).
Listed below are sample of scripts you can use when getting reply phone calls about
your ads, or when contacting leads.
As with any skill … PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! After a very short time, I can
almost guarantee that you would have gone through every possible scenario or
question about your program … and after that it will be a matter of perfecting your craft
and get those answers ready (find out if you don’t know) like second nature!
Keep your tone professional, yet friendly. Adapt the situations to your true self and don’t
pretend to be someone you’re not! ie. you can go ahead use the word “buddy” or
“brother” if you feel comfortable doing so , and still be professional at the same time!
“Cussing” words on the other hand, may convey a lack of seriousness and while some
people believe it might make your message more “authentic” … you don’t really have to
sacrifice authenticity for quality in your conversations.
Remember to use the below scripts as a guideline, and model the flow of the
conversation until you are comfortable developing your own, one of the major turn offs
in talking to a lead over the phone is when you start sounding like a robot reading from
a script!
Allow yourself that “learning curve” of time and to “make some mistakes” as you
practice your new found skill and master it!


1. Hi Joe? This is (YOUR NAME) getting back to you regarding the ad you responded to
on Craigslist about a business opportunity, do you have 2 minutes to chat? (if no… “Ok
Great, when will you have about 2 minutes to receive the information you requested?)

2. Great, thanks… I appreciate your time. We respond to dozens of calls every day so
we like to make this first call short and to the point…

3. So Joe, you responded to an ad about an income opportunity that is home based…
have you ever worked from home before?

(take notes…)

(if NO… Ok, would you be interested in earning a full time income working from home?)

4. What kind of work from home have you had experience with? Was it a job or a
business? What did you like best about it? Did you make significant money doing it?
Why do you think you didn’t make the kind of money you wanted to make in it?

5. Great, ok… so what kind of income, on a monthly basis, are you looking to generate?

6. Great… now, if you were able to generate XXX amount of income from home, what
kind of goals would it meet? What are some of the main reasons you’re looking to make
income from home? (or… what is the money for? What are your goals for that income?)

7. What amount of time do you have set aside to work from home? How many hours per
day or night are you willing to invest in a home based opportunity?

8. How much have you planned to have set aside for your monthly promotion and
marketing investment?

9. Great, thanks I appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions. What I
have for you, is some information about a program we have that is generating full time
income for many people in our organization.
It can very easily supply you with a large part time income and even a serious full time
income… all from home, depending on your own goals. I help you personally to build it.

11. Now, this ad you saw is getting dozens of responses daily, so really I want to make
sure we are not wasting your time, as well as qualify you to see if you are a good match
for us and what we have to offer … makes sense?
Would you say you’re open to reviewing more information about this position?

12. Great, are you by your computer? Or… do you have a pen and paper?

13. The next step in the process is for you to review a short video that explains exactly
what this is and how it works… will you have 25 minutes today to watch this video and
get back to me?

14. Great, go ahead and write this website link down: www. YOUR LINK HERE .com

15. So, you’ll have time to watch those tonight?

16. Great, then I’ll call you back tonight at 8PM and we’ll conduct our second interview.
Most of the people that we accept into our organization make money here. Everything
looks great so far. Thanks for time, and we’ll touch base later on ok?

------------------------ Follow Up Call… ----------------------------------

1. Hi Joe, it’s (YOUR NAME), how are you? DO you have a quick minute?
2. Great, well Joe, I was just calling back to see what you liked best about the video?
3. Awesome, yeah I kind of thought you’d like that, that’s what I liked best too… well,
the next step in the process is for me to show you the ropes from the inside, we all
follow the same process and we will be showing you step by step how to start
generating profits with us in 24 hrs or even less.
The advantage of our program is (NAME PROGRAM FEATURE) that will allow you to

-------------------------------------------------------------- At this point you can guide them through
the sign up process on the site, if they say they will do it later … say :
No prob! Really looks like you understood what we are all about, and you are really
serious in making (refer to your notes from part 1 of the call), is there anything else
preventing you to get started right now?
Whatever the reason, always be detached of the outcome … THEY WANT WHAT YOU
HAVE! Never push them into a close and guide them to make their own decisions…
If they are not ready to sign up today, you might get them in a better state of mind
tomorrow … get a time to follow up again ONE MORE TIME
If they are still not ready simply say:
“Thanks for your time Joe, we really appreciate that, you have our website and we don’t
arm wrestle anyone here … (GIVE SUCCESS STORY), feel free to catch up with us
anytime, we’re always looking for sharp individuals as yourself.”
---------------------------------------------The whole point of your ads is to get a response = LEADS.
You call and qualify leads and direct them to YOUR WEBSITE and have them watch
the video.
You then “take their temperature” by asking them for a decision, sign up a new
teammate … or “next!” ------------------------------------------------ This should really stream
line the way you’re working with your respondents with ZERO DRAMA -----------------------------------------------


Hi Joe, this is YOUR NAME, from YOUR STATE, calling you back about the ad you
responded to. You requested information about a home based income opportunity. I
have some information for you that will show you a simple home based way to generate
a full time income. It’s simple and the information is delivered in a short video. You can
watch the video at: www YOUR LINK HERE .com… You can also call me directly at
YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE… We receive dozens of calls and place many people
daily so space is limited… you’ll want to review the information and get back to me as
soon as possible to secure an interview. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.
-------------------------------------------------- That same voicemail script can be sent as a
private email. I recommend you do both.


Hi, [NAME] this is [YOUR NAME]! I'm calling you from my office in the Peach State:
Georgia, how are you doing today? Good, good.
[NAME], I am giving you a call because:


1. you recently stopped by one of my websites
looking for some ways to grow your home based
business and make more money, do you kinda remember that?


2. I saw one of your ads on the internet or I got
an email from you, and then I wrote your number down. any way.
What company are you working with now? Great company, great products!

How long have you been with (their company name)? Oh, I See.

How much money are you looking to make with a home business?

What are some of the things that you have tried that aren't working?

Let me ask you . how many people a week, every
week are you putting in your _______
business? Really? (Say this kind of disappointedly)

OK well I am really glad I got in touch with you
today, because we're having a powerful information
workshop online and on a teleseminar, but before I can invite you to that,
Let me ask you a question [NAME], if I can
honestly show you a way to get 5, 10 even
15 red hot prospects a day calling you- already
interested in you and your business, and I can work
to close your sales and do most of the heavy lifting…
So you just make the money and collect the profits…
is that worth 35 minutes of your time to find out how to get that done?

[if no, thank them for their time, we are very
if they are not SERIOUS please don't let them waste your time]

Great. If you could grab a pen and a piece of
paper, I'd like to give you some
information. First, write down my name, ____________
I'll be the one helping you getting your business
going. Second, you can always reach me at ___________
which is my direct line.

Now (their name) I am really glad I got in touch
with you right now because today I'm going to
invite you to a business briefing of business partners
from all over the world. There will be people
there from every single state. You name it... they'll
be there. We're going to be hearing about this
powerful business system that is helping
average people achieve huge results
-simply by connecting you to people who ALREADY

* 24 Hour INFORMATION LINE – ______________
* Informarion Site: ______________________

Go ahead and read that back to me to make sure i
gave you the correct number. You'll also want to
keep a pen and some paper handy as well. I think
that you will find the information that interesting!

After you attend the call, go ahead and give me a
ring back on the number I gave you so that I can
answer any questions that you may have you think
you can use our recruiting system to really grow your team!

HOW you relate your story, it is in direct proportion to your success, and needless to
say being able to reply with confidence in your program goes a long way in creating
long time income! In my 10 years of marketing online I’ve heard all the possible
questions you might get asked at one point, and there are presented together with their
answer below:

Q. Well, it seems to me that I have to pay to join this, and then I will be getting
paid to sign other people up? Looks like a “pyramid scheme” to me…

A. You can say … can I give you some insight on that? – After they say yes:
Say: “Let’s pretend someone wants to start a gym, they have to pay money to open that
gym, right? … “
“How do they get paid after they open the gym?” – By signing other people up to pay a
monthly membership fee. See? We are not much different, it is always said that it takes
money to make money, but an online business is way more affordable!

Q. So, What Do You Do? …
A. You know how so many people are struggling with this economy going every time
worst and worst? [tell a story about it, most importantly if it’s major news] What I do is to
help people to create a little extra income from home without the need to quitting their
I’m not talking about millions of dollars here, I found out that really just an extra $500 to
$1,000 per month is enough to change people’s lifestyles for the best, don’t you think?
At this moment pause and listen for their response … keep the conversation going and
don’t mention your business till the very end (ie. you are about to leave, etc) and then
Say: “ So anyway, if you know someone that can benefit let me give you my business
card” [give them a drop card.]

Q. But, What Is It, Really? …
A. Again, when people starts asking "technical or specific" questions about
the program you are always going to refer them back to the website video
presentation, the support section, or other tools so they can help you, help them.

Use a phrase like this:
"Joe, that's a great question and here's the good thing... you won't have to do
much explaining or any "selling" with this program... we use our presentation
tools and conference calls to help you with any specific questions you have and
the system will even close your sales too!
Just be sure to review the entire website, watch the entire Video and attend our
calls and webinars... then if you still have questions, email or give me a ring.”

That's it. It's truly very simple. People will see how simple we operate and the
smart ones will want to get on board asap!

Q. Have you Made Any Money Yet? …
A. If you have, go ahead and give a big loud YES as an answer! However this is the
newbie-killer question if you are just starting out with your business. No matter if you
have, or have not made money, always refer people to what your program can do for
them …
It doesn’t really matter how much you’ve made, it truly means nothing for your prospect,
they can do way better, worst or the same as you. Do not lie however, your credibility
and reputation are way more important than “income”.
You can say that you just started, be firm and sure of it … “Truly, I just started last
night, and I see it is a great opportunity to make some extra bucks, therefore thought of
you … can you see yourself making money with this program?
If you have already generated income, you can tell them so, and then always ask if the
prospect sees the program helping in their situation.

Statistics show that 80% of new sign-ups happen right after the 5th follow-up
communication from the sponsor. That is why staying consistent and focused is key for
your success in Internet Lifestyle Network.
People want to know you are a real person and accessible.
Remember, if you are here... that means you can show a person how to get to
this part too! You can help them get signed up and ready... be their guide.
Here’s a very good technique that very few people are doing to introduce themselves to
their signups … As soon as you get a New Referral Email, or a New Lead Email
Notification, go ahead and send an email back to your new teammate offering your
Do some background work too! Look their email up on Google, and Social Media,
Facebook etc. that will give you some common ground to engage your visitor under
familiar settings (remember, they likely don’t know you or your program) , just
mentioning that you grew up in their hometown if that’s the case, or some
commonalities can go a long way for people to just even open your emails and reply!
The more responsive that your team becomes, the better it is for the growth of the team,
and your wallet!
Apply these strategies and get paid …
Teach them to your team, and get paid again!

The email I use is this: [CHANGE AS NEEDED]
Subject: Welcome to [NAME OF YOUR PROGRAM]!
Hello There!
I just wanted to drop you a line and say
Welcome to our Program!
This isn’t one of those pyramid deals or
some high pressure sales stuff ok,
I’m simply letting you know I’m the guy
behind the website… our system works
because it’s very easy to do,
and we get paid every Monday so…
it’s great news!
Hey! You know it works because it got
you involved so far! 
I’m not going to sell or convince you into
anything… the first place we start our teammates is with TRAINING and a FULL
REVIEW of what we do…

A real person and proud to always keep the
“human touch” in this online world, feel free
to shoot an email back or give me a call
anytime if I can be of assistance, my contact
information is below.
Looking forward working with you.
Your Name | Your Phone Number
Your Email.

This is another welcome email I use:
Subject: Welcome to (YOUR PROGRAM)! [Message From Your Sponsor]
Hi [Name Of The New Member]!
My name is [Your Name], and I am a team leader
for our group here at _________________.
It's almost 1 AM here in Georgia, and I was
having trouble sleeping as I have a bad cold
so I kept waking up coughing and I decided to
check my email … imagine how great it was
to wake up with an email telling me you joined

Describe here the moments previous to receiving the
Notification Email and how EXCITED you were when
you did! Did it surprise you? Wake you up? Were you
having a boring afternoon and receiving the Email
made your day?

This is how wonderful this program is [Name Of The New Member]!
I just wanted to introduce
myself welcome you to the team.
I've been working online since 2004 [put the right year for you here, if you just started,
you can just put “for a while now”] and
recently joined our team
to create extra income from home.
You will find that our team is like a little
family, you will be blessing others and creating
wealth for yourself but never by yourself!
We got your back!
So relax ... and take a deep breath,
it will only get better from now on!

Your Name | Your Phone Number
Your Email


At least once a week, I encourage you to send your own follow-up email to your
prospects, and new team members. It will help you to improve your own advertisement
writing skills and displays that you care for your team.
It doesn’t have to be nothing fancy, just a quick note reminding them that you are
available, or relating your experiences with your program.

From time to time, feel free to send them emails checking on how their doing, telling
them about what you are doing to promote, and just sharing life.
Teams that are responsive to one another achieve greater success, both financially and
in human relationships. This attitude also keeps existing members active in promotion,
and new members eager to get off to the races!

Plan on being here 90 days from now…

You'll be amazed at how much credibility you'll gather by sticking with a program
vs. hopping from one deal to the next. Remember, your image/reputation is
GOLD. Don't tarnish it by joining gimmicky programs every 12 hours - THIS is
definitely NOT one of them!
Remember to use the resources presented here only as a guideline .... The most
important thing is to stay consistent, and keep pushing forward on your efforts.
Don't be afraid to experiment and modify these methods to your liking. There’s no need
to do everything at once! Find out what works for you and master it, then once that
technique starts working for you, go out and try other methods...
And for crying out loud, please know that YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY
there saying that you "have to get this" - listen up:


They are "SELLING" the stuff to get paid so OF COURSE they will tell you that
it's the "MOTHER OF ALL TRAINING PRODUCTS" and you can't live without it!

Being part of a SIMPLE PROGRAM (another reason I chose Enviralizer) is great to
share because it is extremely easy for your team to duplicate.

And duplication is KING here.
Imagine having a team of 25 motivated marketers taking action consistently with
these methods in your team...
Can you see the leverage?
Keep that vision in your head as you ponder about other less duplicable promotional
Always ask yourself: “How simple would this be for my team to duplicate?”
It doesn't mean you should NOT do other forms of marketing.
It just means to keep everything in perspective.

You were attracted here because of our team and system's "SIMPLICITY" right?
That's exactly why this works so well when you keep it simple! ;0)
Your Program should be all about the EXACT SYSTEM that YOU just came
It worked on you.
So you know it can work on somebody else.
Let’s review EXACTLY what just happened to get YOU here …
The last thing you need now is information overload.
If you remember the journey you took to get here:
1. It was probably a simple ad online, a YouTube video or a simple little drop card that
got you to a website...
2. The website laid out the details, showed you what we are about, and you stayed on
the site for a little while ...
3. Follow up emails got you more informed or invited you to a live webinar and BANNG!
You were sold and you joined... and people got paid.
It was a simple process, right?

We keep it just as simple on the "inside" too... it's our "secret" - it's EXACTLY what
millions of people are looking for "out there" and they are stuck in "guru schools" or
complicated business opportunities or MLMs they can't sell or duplicate.
That is your OPPORTUNITY.
That market is your "Super Niche" Target Market.
All you need is a simple message that will get them curious about checking out
your site... put that simple message in front of them consistently and this system
works on them just as it did on you.

Keeping It Real…

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