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The Acknowledgments part in academic papers is usually the first part I read as I consider
that every personal work like a thesis or other research document is a result of personal
journey, meetings and interconnections with other living beings.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to the following people that patiently supported me
during the year 2014:


To Dr Iordanis Kalaitzoglou, my supervisor, for providing active listening and
valuable details with an extraordinary availability.
To the staff and volunteers of Oikocredit International and Oikocredit France who
helped me to initiate the research and fill it with relevant suggestions till the end.
Special thanks to Frank Rubio, Gaël Marteau and Marc-Henri Stroh.
To the Duke and Tilou.
To my parents who gave me the opportunity to become the "under progress
person" I am today, here and now.
To my sisters who gave me continuous personal support and more important love.
To my nieces Jeanne, Mathilde, Celeste and Albane who gave me great moments
of joy and love during this year.
To my friends of the MBA program and in particular to Hasnae Niang and Josep
Gene Garcia.
To my friends who helped me during ups and downs during this year. Special
thanks and "abbraccio" to Carole, Szilvia, Paolo Fratello, Antonio Maiale, Damien
and Anna.

This piece of work is dedicated to the following:


To my ancestors of rural origin in Brittany
To the people "whole hearted" and passionate that believe that they can do this
world a better place: just keep going!

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