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Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability
17th – 20th, April 2015 Beirut-Lebanon

The International Conference on Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability (TMREES15)
Organized by the Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development (
will be held in
April 17-20, 2015 in Beirut, Lebanon.
TMREES15 has a main objective to promote sustainable, healthy and diverse ecosystems; encourage and support the national energy security systems through
development of green-based and renewable resources and processes, bringing together participants from international research centers, universities, industry
and administrative organizations around the world to exchange innovative and novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, share field trial experiences in
sustainability issues and to open a new window on the circumstances of the classical energy sources and their harmful impact on the society.

Accepted papers will be
published in:

selected high quality hydrogen
energy and fuel cells:
International Journal Of
Hydrogen Energy

Important Dates

07 of December 2014: Full paper submission deadline.

16th of December 2014: Full paper notification deadline.
Will be submitted for abstracting and
indexing in: Scopus, Current Abstract
(EBSCO), TOC Premier, SJR, EICompendex and Engineering Index

16th of January 2015 : Early registration deadline.
16th of February 2015 : Normal registration deadline.
Lorraine U.

The TMREES15 international conference has a general philosophy to
gather the global research community, discuss, present and to
network the latest developments and innovations in sustainability.
The conference Topics Include:


Thin Film solar cells (Silicon, CdTe, CIS), Solar Cells/ Modules/PV-Systems
for Space Applications. Organic-based PV, Polymer PV, dye-sensitised
PV Systems and components, PV System Reliability and Availability. PV and
Architecture, integration in buildings and urban planning.
Photochemical Solar Energy Conversion, Photo thermal Devices
Crystallization, Wafering, advanced production technologies for silicon and
wafers. Manufacturing Issues and Processing, waste treatment, safety.







Solar Energy: Advanced Material, New Technologies & Applications
Photovoltaic Materials, New Materials, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnologies,
new Design/Concepts for PV Cells and Modules, Modeling and simulation,
Semiconductors, III-V & concentrator cells for PV Solar application

Early Bird

Academic & Student Author








Student Attendee only *




Registration & cancellation:
Each accepted paper in order to be published must have at least one paid
registration at an Author rate.

Microelectronics for Photovoltaic. Characterization of materials and devices,
testing, measurements, quality and aging, reliability aspects.

(*) Student registration rate are valid for conference attendance only &
cannot be used to cover paper registration and publication.

Smart grids / Innovative systems with storage, Power electronics
(components and applications), Power Quality issues, Solar panel
Optimization techniques.

Each additional paper for the same 1st author will be charged 190 Eurs.

Chairs Committee

Organizing Committee

Chafic SALAME, Lebanon
Michel AILLERIE, France
Panagiotis PAPAGEORGAS, Greece

Antoine AOUAD , Lebanon
Camil NEMR , Lebanon
Chafic SALAME , Lebanon
Christelle Périlhon , France
Michel AILLERIE , France
Panagiotis PAPAGEORGAS , Greece

Scientific Committee/
International Reviewers
Abdallah Zegaoui, Algeria

Nipon Pisutpaisal, Thailand

Abdelaziz Ahaitouf, Morocco

Omar Elmazria, France

Abla Chaker, Algeria

Ondrej Sikula, Czech republic

Akash Singh, USA

Panagiotis Papageorgas, Greece

Akram Jabur, Iraq

Paulo Brito, Portugal

Ali Ahaitouf, Morocco

Pierre Petit, France

Ali Benmeddour, Canada

Piotr Arabas, Poland

Angel Cid-Pastor, Spain

Rachid Benchrifa, Morocco

Burak Kadem, UK

Salman Ajib, Germany

Please ensure all bank charges are borne by the participant.

Chafic Salame, Lebanon

Valter Silva, Portugal

Cancellation policy: If provided written cancellation is received before
January 16th 2015, 50% of the fees will be refunded minus bank charges.
No refunds will be given after January 16th 2015.

Christelle Perilhon, France

Zakaria Wahab, Malaysia

Elena Cristina Rada, Italy

Zeineb Abdmouleh, Tunisia

Fees cover:

Fernando Tadeo, Spain

Attendance to all conference sessions.

Kareema Ziadan, Iraq

Review of the paper, its presentation and publication with Elsevier –
Energy Procedia Journal.

Khalaf Alabdullah, Syria

Wind energy; Offshore wind energy-Potential, challenges and state-of-theart, Technical developments.

Conference Pack (Bag, Accessories, Conference materials, e-Proceeding).

Majda Suleiman, Kuwait

Certificate of participation

Michel Aillerie, France

Bioenergy; Conversion technologies, Operational and logistical challenges,
Techno-economic considerations, biomass and waste.

Welcome reception, Lunches, Coffee Breaks, Conference banquet Dinner

Mohamed Chegaar, Algeria

Social Program

Muna Abbas, Iraq

Renewable Sources of Energy
Hydrogen Energy & fuel cells; production, storage, transmission,
economic, thermochemical (combustion), photochemical, electrochemical
(fuel cells) and nuclear conversion of hydrogen, mechanical and electrical
energies (applications in transportation, industrial, commercial and
residential sectors).

Biofuels; biorefinery, Thermochemical and Biochemical conversion.

Errami Youssef, Morocco

Lingjie Duan, Singapore

Nachida Kasbadji Merzouk, Algeria

Hydropower; Technology, Integrated water and energy management.

Nico Declercq, France

Marine; Salinity difference power source.

Energy management & Sustainable Environmental Development

Papers submission

Energy Engineering for Storage-Saving-Management Technologies, Energy
Transmission and Distribution, Production and Efficiency Electricity
Networks of the Future, Power and Energy Generation

Authors wishing to participate to the TMREES15 International Conference
Program are cordially invited to submit electronically their paper(s) as
pdf file in English for oral and poster contribution by visiting the Online
Submission page.

Hybrid and Integrated Energy System, Power Systems and Automation,
Energy Policy, Planning & Management laws
Industrial waste treatment, Air pollution control and equipment, Pollution
prevention in industry, Water pollution and treatment
Environmental technologies, Climate Change, emissions and Global
Warming, Contribution of technology to sustainability, Sustainable built
environment, Ecotoxicity
Sustainable development and planning, Natural resources management, Soil
contamination and recovery, Landscape development and management,
Green economy, Future Markets, Business Opportunities.

Conferences language is English. Only English written papers are accepted
Papers must be formatted according to the Publisher’s Template, not
exceeding eight pages, of original research work which is NOT
Each paper will be reviewed by at least two independent experts from an
international scientific committee. Papers are reviewed on the basis that
they do not contain plagiarized material.

TMREES Conference Series
Euro-Mediterranean Institute
For Sustainable Development

P.O. BOX: 45-463

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