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Manual Conventions

When you are instructed to “touch”
something, use your finger to touch an item
on the screen.
The small arrows (>) used in the text indicate
that you should touch a series of items. For
example, if you see “touch Where To? >
Favorites” you should touch Where To?,
and then touch Favorites.

Road Tech™ zūmo® Tips and

• To quickly return to the Menu page, touch
and hold Back.
• Touch
to see more choices.
Touch and hold to scroll faster.
• Pages appear differently based on your
usage mode and settings.

Road Tech™ zūmo 660 Owner’s Manual

Contact Information

Contact Garmin if you have any questions
while using your zūmo. In the USA, go
to www.garmin.com/support, or contact
Garmin USA by phone at (913) 397-8200 or
(800) 800-1020.

Contact your local Harley-Davidson dealer
for information about products and services.


S ee the Important Safety and Product Information
guide in the product box for product warnings and
other important information.


See the zūmo 660 Installation Instructions in the
product box for motorcycle and automobile mounting


Go to http://my.garmin.com to access the
latest services for your Garmin products:
• Register your Garmin unit.
• Subscribe to online services for safety
camera information (see page 30).
• Unlock optional maps.