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Under your skin with Parks Canada
Would you want to take part in an activity during Nuit Blanche in Montreal and
during Art Souterrain Festival ? See your creations tattooed on more than a
thousand people ?
Parks Canada and Art Souterrain are organizing a contest open to all artists!
Young artists or established, you are invited to create a monochrome drawing
that will become the next tattoo offered by Parks Canada during the 2015
edition of Art Souterrain, throughout Nuit Blanche (February, 28th 2015) and a
Spotlight Event of the festival.
This design will be used across the country for promotional use in future
events for Parks Canada.

2015 Theme: Security- what remains of our personal freedoms ?
This theme raises questions about the various security measures implemented
in our society in the aim of protecting its citizens.
The mandate of Parks Canada is to protect our history and nature for future
generations. Those historic sites and natural parks offer areas of freedom
within fixed boundaries.
To be free in a defined area ...

Themes and technical specifications
• Themes : The tattoo design should be inspired by the 2015 theme security AND by one
of the sites of Parks Canada : a national historic site of Canada, a national park of
Canada, a national marine conservation area of Canada (http://www.pc.gc.ca ).
• Limitations : No political or offensive messages will be selected
• The drawing should be in stencil format.
• The picture must be formatted to 200dpi and must be monochrome.
• The picture size must be 3’’ x 3’’ or 1,5’’ x 5’’ (banner format).
• The picture should be in vector format(.eps)


The design should be aimed for an urban audience of 14 to 28 years old
Must relate to the theme of Parks Canada
Original, Creative
The artist must provide a small text explaining his vision : 100-120 words
The visual and the text must be submitted before January 12th 2014 to the
following e-mail address :

• Parks Canada will keep the intellectual rights of the selected artworks and retain the
right to potentially use it for the promotion of activities (not for profit). The name of
the artist, the context of the creation (the contest) and the short text written by the
author will be cited with each use of the work. The work will not be used for any
commercial endeavor.
• Parks Canada maintains the right to modify the picture in order to comply with the
stencil format.

Award and distribution
• Ten artist projects will be selected by the internal committee. Moreover, the selected
artwork will be published on Facebook. The audience will choose three of these selected
works, to receive one of three prizes of 500$ each. The distribution and use of the
tattoo will be managed by Parks Canada and will be presented across the country at
various events and festivals.
• An activity showcasing the selected tattoos, and the ones of 2014 edition, will be
organized during 2015 Nuit Blanche and Spotlight Events of Art Souterrain festival.

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