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The Bitcoin saga gives us two pieces of food for thought …

2. What the market wants, the market shall have
When we analyse the rapid rise of the Bitcoin, we see three major themes:
The market wants and needs this kind of money, independent of all other currencies. It is the
freedom to buy without the fees associated with a traditional exchange
The Bitcoin also allows for a certain anonymity…
The market needs reassurance on the subject, as, so far, these virtual monies have been too
speculative, and volatiles, being based only on mathematical algorithms.

3. A currency that is tied to a real commercial asset
What is the GemCoin and how is it di fferent to the other virtual currencies?
US Law 129, which was approved by the California
Government on 28 June 2014, declares that the use of
digital currencies, coupons and all other monetary
instruments is not an infringement of the law when these
are used to buy goods and services, or for transfer
This was the background that allowed the “birth” of the
Gemcoin, on September 1 2014, at a rate of $0.05

But this money is very different from the rest!
AFG, or Alliance Financial Group, founded in Delaware in 2002 and with a Head Office in Los Angeles,
CA, is the holding company of USFIA.
AFG is involved in real estate investment and development, in mining of precious gems, auctions, IT,
biotechnology and the aerospace industry. AFG Inc is worth more than $50BN in assets around the
On September 1, USFIA launched the GemCoin globally, guaranteeing it with $15BN of assets, as
required by the government! These Gemcoins are based on the value of the gem mines, and every
purchaser receives a quantity of GemCoins defined by a formula, which is derived from the current
value of the mines.

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