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USFIA produces one of the
rarest ambers known to us,
Blue Amber, currently
trading at $1000 per gramme!

5. A currency that can never fall below its launch value
How is GemCoin’s value calculated?
Every time USFIA sells another $80,000 of amber in the world, the GemCoin’s value rises by another
$.0001. At launch, it was valued at $0.05, and by mid November, that rate had doubled.
We are also observing that the time taken to make $80,000 of sales is decreasing, such that the growth
rate of the currency is rising ever faster. Indeed, growth the first month was 35% and this second
month, we are seeing 45%, so the trend is rising.
This money will never devaluate, and at worst it will stop or slow its growth.
However, being linked to the dollar today, its buying power is linked to the $.

6. Why should you buy now?
USFIA sells its amber via a franchise system. Since December 2013, USFIA decided to sell via MLM
(Multi-Level Marketing).
This distribution channel, which is very profitable for those who make an effort, is a very effective tool
for fast development at USFIA, as each buyer, whether investor or marketer, brings his or her own
group of buyers to the company. It is our observation that every investor becomes and marketer and
vice versa.
It is impossible NOT to recommend this investment to your own circle of friends or club or investment
Network Marketing and its remuneration plan bring a massive leverage effect to the company’s
turnover. Today, there are more or less 2.5 million members, of whom 99% are Chinese…
If we compare this start to the beginnings of BitCoin, we can see that GemCoin is rising even faster.
I dare not imagine that it will multiply by 16,257 like BitCoin, but we are looking at 600% per year, at this

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