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Fall Winter 2014
The French brand APADANA is presenting its 2014 Autumn/Winter collection and
revealing its new lookbook called “Darius”, referring to the Persian king who started
the construction of Persian palaces.
As in previous collections, the brand draws inspiration from Camouflage, Paisley
and Persian carpet prints. It also offers new products such as a denim jacket with
Paislay prints and wooden buttons, a full-zip camouflage shirt, 5Panel carpet,
sweatshirts and a few accessories.
Continually concerned about quality wether the materials, finitions and the fitting
of its pieces, APADANA is counting on french savoir faire by producing all its limited
edition collections in a small parisian manufacture.
The 2014 Autumn/Winter collection is already available in the brand’s retail stores
and will soon be on the online shop.

APADANA, young fashion label from Paris is at first and above all a Reflection:
Reflection of the Iranian origins of his creator because by the prism of the Persian
history of civilization, the collections of Apadana (originally throne room of the Persian palaces) drew it graphic references, colors and singular esthetics.
Reflection of its creator’s philosophy who, against the current events setting the
East and the West, chose to bet on the confrontation of both worlds to mix them
better. The antique motives and the photos of the Persian «Belle Epoque» are
merged with the current codes of the urban Fashion.
Creative and demanding, Apadana chose a 100 % French manufacturing and a quality sourcing with materials from Japan.

La mode est à nous.


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