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By Rick Priestley and
Stephan Hess

When it came to putting this Annual
together our first intention was simply to
compile all of the Q & A to make a handy
reference. Having compiled them we felt
this was rather unsatisfactory – the result
being extremely long and not really very
handy either. So instead, we have come up
with a more comprehensive update as well
as a revised (and much shortened) set of
Q & A.
The update is given in page order from the
front of the rulebook. Some of the entries
are quite short and can be added directly to
your rulebook with a pen or pencil. Others
are more substantial and we suggest you
cross out the old deleted versions,
photocopy the new pages, and keep them
with your rulebook.
Together with the new Q & A, these updates
effectively comprise a complete game

revision – version 1.1 so to speak. We have
avoided making massive changes to the
game and where we have made significant
changes, the reasoning has been explained
with a footnote. Many of the changes are
simply re-wordings that won’t affect most
players’ reading of the rules, but we’ve
revised anyway to make the meaning clear.
There is at least one part of the game rules
where a more substantial revision is
probably justified – namely the rules for the
placement of chargers and charges to the
flank. This official update doesn’t deal with
that directly because we haven’t had time to
properly assess an alternative version.
Indeed it may be practically impossible to
make such a major change without
producing a new second edition rulebook.
Instead, we’ve included them as ‘trial rules’
which you can find these on page 68.
These updates, the new Q & A, and the
revised army lists have all been produced
with the invaluable assistance of the
following players together with their friends
and local clubs – so thanks very much too:
Wayne Rozier, Dave Simpson, Christian
Burnett, Mike Bolton, Chuck Goetz, Leslie
Mitchell, Jim Kontilis, Bertrand Chaume,
Greg Lane and Doug Leip.


Warmaster was released more than two years
ago and, since then, we have published
regular Questions & Answers (Q & A)
features about the game rules in WarMag.
Needless to say, as more and more queries
merited more and more answers, this has
grown into quite a brawny document, if not
actually the sort of brute you wouldn’t want
to meet on a dark night!


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