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Country Bed And Breakfast Hawaii
Includes a complete Breakfast Lovers Buffet and a
self service omelet bar. The breakfast includes:
fresh Island fruits, local pastries an extensive
omelet bar and our special Fresh Daily Baked Bread,
Island Juices, milk, breakfast cereals, Teas and 100%
pure Kona Coffee.
Enjoy a Bird Watcher's Paradise on our own front
lanai as you enjoy your breakfast.

Country Inn Kailua Kona
Hale Maluhia Country Inn includes five bed rooms with private baths
and entrances, and a virtual tree house, (Banyan Cottage and a
Japanese Tea House) on a near acre of tropical lush vegetation with big
old trees in the Kona Coffee Country. The Inn includes an extensive DVD
free movie library, Yamaha electric piano, guest computer and an
extensive Christian library. The Common Area is rather formal and
includes a grand piano and other musical instruments which we call the
Music Room. We are also trying our hand at becoming green, getting
off the grid and putting in aquaponics gardens with a few rabbits and
chickens for good eggs if interested in such things.

The Inn is located in the heart of one of
the world’s best climates at a 940 foot
elevation in the Holualoa Kona Coffee
Country fruit belt. Yet the Inn is only
minutes to the beaches, shops and fine
dining. Only 11 miles from the
KOA/Kona Kailua Kona International
Airport and 3 miles to both the historical village of Kailua Kona and the
art community of Holualoa. Also we have canvas and paints with a
portable and professional easel, if you feel the urge you can take a bit
of Kona home with you.
Kona is a very special Pacific recreational paradise with world class
beaches, historical sites, world class fishing and, of course, the Volcano.
Kailua-Kona was the place of choice for the Alii (King and Queens) of old
Hawai'i to live on the sunny side of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Hawaii Virtual Tour
Hawaii Island is the largest island in the Hawaiian Chain,
having more land mass that all of the other islands put
together. The Island also has 10 out of 13 world
climates and was the favorite island of relaxation for
King Kamehameha. As the youngest of the Islands the
ocean is the clearest as found anywhere with many fine
beaches on the Kona side of the island. Hawaii Island is the least
populated of all the islands and still very provincial in many ways.
Much to see and do, lots of Historical sites and places to explore and go
back in time. Excellent B&B network of inspected Inns.

For more information please visit

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