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Firstly we would like to thank Gabriel Cousens M.D.,M.D. (H) for creating the
Tree of Life Foundation, for his monumental works: Spiritual Nutrition and the
Rainbow Diet, Conscious Eating and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, for

creating the sanctuary of the Tree of Life for awakening and peace. Gabriel is a
spiritual teacher and the driving force behind the Tree of Life Foundation. We also
thank Gabriel’s wife Shanti Golds-Cousens for her energetic support in the vision,
and for the world’s greatest live food challah.

Secondly, thanks to all the chefs and apprentices that have come and gone over the
past few years since the creation of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine.
Thirdly the people directly involved in creating this scrumptious recipe book: Donna
Grisham, Head Chef who is full of inspiration and dedication in creating amazing
food full of love. Justin Quan for his outrageously creamy joy and enthusiasm.

Michela Tabaczuk for her patience, her innocence, her pure love and inspiration.
Philip Madeley for being here!
Megan Riley for her infinite joy and for her information on sprouting. John Phillips for
bringing us high mineral fresh food from the garden and for his work with EM and
helping us integrate it into our café.
The apprentices that have contributed directly to this edition. Thank you for doing

the endless dishes and being part of the café team, whatever it takes. Prairie Francia,
Alisa Franzone Davis, Viola Carnovale, Eva Anastasiu, Barbara Sokola, Thim
Lennart Bohm, Kim Spivack, René Archner. Also acknowledgement for Alex
Malinsky for being so inspiring.
Finally a note of thanks to Chad Sarno and Karen Parker, chefs who worked at the
Tree of Life Café in the past, for their hard work and dedication in spreading the live
food message.


© Tree of Life Foundation