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à l’action!

“Less than a year away from the
federal elections, PSAC members
from all walks of life and their
families can really make a

!Magali Picard

Regional Executive Vice-President

!The holiday

season is not a joyous time for

Families get together, people take stock of the past year and make
resolutions. Unfortunately, not everyone can rejoice and celebrate.

!The union advantage
!This is just a snapshot of the economic situation for Quebec families.

Full-time workers in Quebec earn an annual median wage of
approximately $40,000. Note, however, that close to 350,000
workers, two-thirds (2/3) of whom are women, earn only minimum
wage. As a result, thousands of families rely on food assistance
because their work income alone is not enough to make ends meet.

Minimum wage (1)!
General rate: 10,35$!
Workers earning tips:

Average hourly wage (3)!
Men: 24,46$!
Women: 22,15$

!During the holiday season, many families will be under intense

economic pressure. Hence, we have a role, as unionized workers, to
give back to our communities and help those less privileged.

!2014 in review
!Once again this year, the federal Conservative government – much

like the Liberal government in Quebec – claims to be the party of jobs
and economy. Really? Harper Conservatives have eliminated
thousands of jobs, thus whittling away at direct services to the
population. They have created uncertainty within families and
generated economic stagnation in many regions.

!New year, new resolutions
!In 2015, we will be called upon to make important decisions. Don’t be

fooled by the climate of austerity that will permeate Quebec, nor by
the empty promises made with federal surpluses. Remain vigilant and
keep a close watch on what is happening in the political arena,
provincially and federally.

!You can make a difference. We are counting on you!
(English section is available)

Average hourly salary (3)!
Unionized worker: 25,93$!
Non-unionized worker:

Average weekly !
hours of work (4)!
Men: 39,6!
Women: 33,2
1- Commission des normes du travail, 2014; 2Institut de la statistique, Québec. 3- Statistics
Canada, Quebec data, October 2014; 4Employment and Social Development Canada,
Canadian data, 2012.

Just working a job no longer covers it!


Jobs and economy are both priority issues for our governments. They talk a good game but should we trust
them? It is always best to keep a critical eye on the situation! Here is a reminder of an article published last
August on the issue of poverty in the Greater Québec Area.

!In 2013, despite a relatively low unemployment rate (4.7%) , social inequalities in this region have
increased dramatically.
!Actually, Moisson Québec has reported that since 2011, food assistance programs have
experienced an exponential increase in the number of visits.
to 2013.

Frequency of visits to the Moisson Québec Food Bank from 2011
An 85%(2) increase!
- 2011: 19 402
- 2012: 27 966
- 2013: 35 908

+ 85%

!Data collected by Moisson Québec for 2013 has shown that 37.8% of its food bank

users are children under the age of 18. It should be noted as well that 17% of users have
job income (3).

!Moisson Québec indicated that the increased demand stems from various causes including the severity of

poverty (people in need are getting poorer) and the widening gap between minimum wage and the income
needed to meet basic needs.

Sources: (1)
(2) Food banks of Quebec -- Hunger Count (3) ibid


Happy holidays!
Schedule of
activities for the
19th of the month!


All events will be held,
rain or shine! !


19 th

If the
is on a
weekend or a holiday,
events are postponed
until the next working


Monday January 19!
Thursday February
19Thursday March 19!
Monday April 20!
Tuesday May 19!
Friday June 19!
Monday July 20!
Wednesday August 19!
Monday September 21!
Monday October 19!

(English section is available)





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