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Cosmetology School Santa Clara
One of the best Cosmetology Academies in the Bay Area.
We'll help you pursue your passion and a new carreer in the Beauty Industry by preparing you
in the hottest cosmetology fields:
Cosmetology Hair, Skin, and Nails
Esthetician / Skin Care Skin Only
Nail Care / Manicurist Nails Only
We can also help you become a Cosmetology Instructor.
"My old school cost me a lot more money and the teachers weren't as knowledgeable".
Choose Your Beauty School Wisely
The first step in pursuing a cosmetology career in the beauty
industry is to get your license. To do that in California you must
first complete 400 - 1600 hours of State approved training.
There are many state-approved schools and you want to pick one
that you can afford with caring, friendly instructors that are
committed to helping you pass the state board exam.
The beauty school or beauty college should offer flexible class start dates and class scheduling
to help you balance your work and family life and offer hair care, skin care, and nail care
courses. There’s no need to pay ten, fifteen, or twenty thousand dollars to get the training that
the state requires.
Everyone is taught the same state board procedures… everyone gets the same license. We
teach advanced techniques and a complete color curriculum. Don’t be fooled by glitzy online
cosmetology school videos and brochures. Don’t get tricked into taking out expensive loans
that will take many years to pay off.
Look for a state- approved school with caring, friendly teachers that speak your language, have
a proven track record of helping students pass the exam, and offer reasonable tuition prices.
You can't start your career without a license and you don’t want to start your career off in debt!
Salon Services
We offer salon services at very low prices. All work is performed by students under the
watchful and caring eyes of experienced instructors. Click to see our current price list for salon

services. Prices are subject to change without notice and are based on shoulder length hair.
Prices will increase for longer hair. Senior discounts are available for all services.
Service Hours
Appointments are not necessary but are offered as follows:
Monday through Friday: 9:15Am - 3Pm / 5Pm - 7Pm
Saturday: 8Am - 3Pm
Evening and Saturday Service Based On Student Availability.
We’re Closed Daily From Noon - 12:30 and From 4:30Pm - 5Pm For
Mandatory Student Breaks.

Completion Time
How long it takes you to be done depends on the program you're in and your schedule.
Someone attending 40 hours per week in the Cosmetology program can be done in about 10
months. If you go part time (e.g. 16 hours per week) it could take 2 years.
Take the Esthetician course and attend full time plus Saturdays and you can be done in about 3
The Nail Care course can be completed (attending full time) in about 10 weeks.

Class Schedules
We have hundreds of possible schedules to choose from. Daytime,
evenings, split schedules, partial weeks, weekdays, weekends… get a
schedule that fits your busy lifestyle and / or career training priorities.
The school is open Monday through Saturday starting at 8am and
ending at 9pm (4:30pm on Saturdays).
We have schedules starting at 8am, 9:30am, 12:30, 2pm, and 5pm just to list a few. You can go
to school for 16 hours to 60 hours per week.
The typical full time, 40 hour per week schedule is Monday through Friday from 8am - 4:30pm.
This is our most popular schedule.
You can go to school at night (5pm - 9pm) or in the morning from 8am to Noon.

For more information please visit

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