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Georgian White Mountains
Ski-tour 11 days Gudauri and Djuta valleys

Program dates: 14 to 24/03; 25/04 to 04/04 and 04 to 14/04/2015

Mt.Kazbek 5033m from Gergetti village

Day 1. Arrival Tbilissi airport early morning and transfer 165km, 2 hs to Gudauri, Reso
hostel, 1990m. Nice view to the mountains. Ski-pist, off-pist and ski-tour to peak Kudebi
3006m. Descent to hotel. BLD

Ski in Gudauri ski station off-pist

Day 2. Transfer 20km to Kvemo Mleta village 1500m and from there ski-tour to Lomisi
Monastaire 2200m and then to Lomisis peak 2400m. Descent and transfer to Reso hostel.
800m up/down, 7km. BLD

Ski-tour Gudauri

Church of Kvemo Mleta village 1500m

Day 3 Ski-tour to Sadzele peak 3250m, possible ski-lift using, descent to Cross (Ivary)
pass 2380m or Kobi village, Bidara or Trusso gorge. Option down 1100 to 1300m, 7 to
10km. Transfer 40km to Djuta village 2180m with beautiful view to Mt.Cha’ukhi 3842m,
ancient volcano or if the road to Djuta is covered with snow to Sno village 1800m with
nice view to Mt.Kazbek 5033m, ancient volcano, as well. The region is almost unknown
for skiers, but with great ski-tour potential! The both place: Djuta and Sno have big
possibility for discovery ski-touring. Night at guest-house. BLbD

Ski-tour to Khirguni peak, background is Sadzele peak and far behind Mt.Chaukhi

Day 4. Ski-tour from Djuta village to massif Juta North 3330m, along the West ridge.
Desent to Djuta. Guest-house. Once the descent was done. 1100m up/down, 9km. BLbD
Day 5. Ski-tour to Khuru peak 3648m, East slope. Desent to Djuta guest-house. 1500m
up/down, 10km. BLbD

Mt.Kazbek 5033 behind

Day 6. Ski-tour from Djuta village to massif Chiuhebi South 3250m, along the West
ridge. Desent to Djuta guest-house. 1000m up/down, 11km. BLbD
Day 7. Ski-tour from Djuta village to peak Chauhi South 3565m, along the Chauhi
valley. Desent to Djuta guest-house. 1400m up/down, 14km. BLbD

Lomisi Monastaire 2200m, background is Gudauri
ski-station with Sadzele peak 3250m

Monks of Lomisi Monastaire 2200m

Day 8. Transfer to Gudauri via Achkhoti or Sioni villages 1800m with big cnow slope of
Kobi peak 3050m. Ski-tour there. 1200m up/down, 14km. Gudauri, Reso hostel. BLbD
Day 9. Free-pist at Gudauri ski station or nice ski-tour from Cross (Ivary) pass to
Khirguni peak 3300m. 1000m up/down, 8km. Gudauri, Reso hostel. BLbD

Mt Chaukhi from the village, guest-house

Juta North massif on the right

Day 10. Transfer to Tbilissi, via Ananuri Fortress, Mtskheta - old capital of Georgia,
Zedazeni – one of the most ancient monastery. Hostel installation. City visit, free time.
Farewell dinner at nice Georgian restaurant BL

Ananuri Fortress

Day 11. Transfer to airport. Departure flight. B
If you need to have a shorter program, it is possible to cut from day 8th, as we came back
to Gudauri and to arrange a transfer to Tbilissi day 8th or 9th. Or if you prefer to stay at
the beautiful city some days more, please, inform us to do a booking for accommodation,
transfer and city-guide or another service.
As well, there is an option from day 8th to start a ski-tour to Mt.Kazbek 5033m, the
ancient volcano you will see during whole trip close to us. The option takes 5 days from
Gergetti to Gergetti village, which is 10 km from Sno or Sioni villages.

Cathedral Tsminda Sameba, წმინდა სამება, Tbilissi

Price per person for the 11 day trip is 850€
Single room supplement: hostel Tbilissi 25€
The price includes:
 All necessary transfers required for carrying out the trip
 Accommodation according to the program
 Full board throughout the trip, B-breakfast, L-lunch, Lb-lunch-box, D-dinner
 NewRoute mountain guide (for dates 14 to 24/03; 25/04 to 04/04 - English
speaking and for dates 04-14/04 – English/French speaking guides)
Not included:
 Flights to / from Tbilissi airport
 Unexpected preliminary evacuation cost
 Insurance
 Personal expenses, alcohol
Attention! European and American Citizens may enter Georgia without a visa for
short-term visit (to 90 days): https://www.geoconsul.gov.ge/en/nonvisa_en.html
In case of extra days to Tbilissi –accommodation and meals not according to the
tour program is at its own cost!
Marchroute Ltd.
5-B, Essenina str.,off.58H, St.Petersburg, 194354, Russia
ph. +7 812 331 64 76, ph/fax:+7 812 597 08 08
mail@newroute.ru www.newroute.ru

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