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What’s up on the Railway market?
November 2014


€512 M. This is the amount of the contract awarded to the joint venture between Thales
and Siemens to equip the high-speed line-Olmedo Orense in north-western Spain with
safety and control systems.
This JV (55% Thales, 45% Siemens) will be in charge of the installation of traffic control, automatic train

protection, telecommunications and safety technologies on the Olmedo-Ourense high-speed line
section, as well as for maintenance over a 20-year period.
This 331 km section will benefit from ERTMS level 2 standard allowing a maximum speed of 350
km/h and reducing the journey to 2 hours. In 2018, it will provide a high-speed railway link between
Ourense in Galicia and Olmedo near Valladolid.
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Siemens awarded EUR 95m contract to deliver rail signaling and operations control
equipment for upgrading the line between Beni Mansour and Bejaia.
The customer is the Algerian railway agency ANESRIF (Agence nationale d’études et de suivi de la
réalisation des investissements ferroviaires).
Siemens will equip a line section of 90 kilometers through the Atlas mountains and serves nine
stations with its Trainguard 100 train protection system for ETCS(European Train Control System)
Level 1 operation, its Vicos automatic operations control system, GSM-R (Global System for Mobile
Communication Railways) digital mobile radio technology, and the RailCom Manager (RCM)
communications management system.
The Algerian railway network covers a total of about 3,800 track kilometers. As part of the nation’s
five-year plan, a further 6,600 kilometers are to be added to the existing network by 2015 and
another 500 kilometers upgraded for double-track operation.
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Alstom Transport to equip the Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC) with a new signalling
Alstom Transport has been awarded a contract over 230 million EUR by Metrolinx, the regional
transportation agency for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The project includes
the planning, design, manufacture, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of a new and
complete modernized signalling system.
The new signalling system will increase the reliability of the system and provide an increased
control and maintainability. It will guarantee maximum passenger safety and flow, while decreasing
maintenance costs for the operator
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Burred substation in Pekin for ABB
The company ABB Council Associate Partner try to find a way to perpetuate the cohabitation of
substations with sewages and eventual metros in a confined below ground space.
The main problems with the electrical distribution systems are that they need a lot of space and
they are pretty noisy. ABB worked on these problems and claims that 98% of the underground
station must be buried and the noise can be significantly reduced.
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Overall market

$4bn+ confirmed for two new Mumbai metro lines; bidders sought for construction of
current phase.
The development of India's urban infrastructure has been confirmed by the announcemenent of two
major new lines in Mumbai. Two lines, one the 40-km long Dahisar-Charkop-Bandra-Mankhurd line
will be underground with 36 stations en route and the second, the 32-km long Wadala-GhatkoparThane-Kasarvadavali line will be partially elevated with total 30 stations, including six elevated.
Mumbai is the most populous city in India with an estimated city population of 18.4 million and
metropolitan area population of 20.7 million. The growth of the city has put pressure on the existing
infrastructure. The metro lines should also take some cars off the road, and diminish congestions,
accidents and pollutions all of which are problematic in the city.
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Hungary plans to allocate
Transport Network.

HUF 1,300 billion (almost €4bn) within the Trans European

In 2014-2020, Hungary plans to allocate a net amount of HUF 1,300 billion from the Integrated
Transport Development Operational Programme (ITOP) and the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF)
to transport development projects, complemented from other EU sources, Minister of State for
Transport Policy of the Ministry of National Development László Tasó stated.
The total investment value of major urban/suburban projects is to come close to HUF 330 billion.
He mentioned suburban railway developments also serving local transport and the development of
intermodal passenger transport hubs as examples.
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EUR 330 million planned for supra-regional railway infrastructure in Eastern Poland
within the Trans European Transport Network project.
The main objective of this program is to increase competitiveness and innovativeness of the
Eastern Poland macroregion. Two of the five priority axis are Modern transport infrastructure and
Supra-regional railway infrastructure.
PKP PLK S.A. is the main beneficiary of the “Supra-regional railway infrastructure”. An amount of
EUR 330 million has been allocated for investments in linear and spot infrastructure and assembly
of elements of traffic management systems.
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Bulgaria: EUR 673 million to be allocated to road and rail projects in 2014-2020
The project for the extension of the subway will receive EUR 400 million and some additional EUR
25 million will be allocated for intermodal terminals. A separate priority axis with a budget of over
EUR 77 million will be created to the development of traffic management systems to improve safety
and security in transport modes.
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