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Brown Swiss News
The European Brown Swiss journal
December 2014


hat happens for Brown Swiss
in Europe ?

France, host land of the 10th World Brown Swiss Congress
from April 6th to 10th, 2016 in Mende

Brown Swiss , the 2nd largest dairy breed after Holstein in terms of genomic selection
with nearly 14,000 genotyped bulls, is present on all continents. From April 6 th to 10th,
2016 in Mende Lozere, the delegations from over 20 countries are expected at the World
Congress, with 250 to 300 participants. The European Show will bring together the top
150 European Brown Swiss cows from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia,
France, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.
Promote the Brown Swiss breed in France and worldwide
This will be an excellent promotional platform of the Brown Swiss genetics towards the
international audience and also to all dairy farmers in France to discover or rediscover
all the advantages of the Brown Swiss to improve the efficiency in the dairy industry. All
the French Brown Swiss breeders, supported by the BGS team, will prepare in the next
18 months this great event for the Big Brown Cow to her place under the spotlights !


EUROPE ...................................... 1
GERMANY ................................... 2
ITALY ........................................... 3
FRANCE ...................................... 4
SWITZERLAND ........................... 5







2015, January 15th to 18th

Swiss Expo


Montichiari, Brescia

2015, February 13th to 15th

Bruna 2015

2015, April 18th to 19th

National Austrian Brown Swiss show



2015, July 8th to 9th

UK National Brown Swiss Show at Livestock Event



2015, July

Brown Swiss Panamerica congress



2016, April 6 to 10th

Brown Swiss World Congress & European show

New Brown Cattle Queen

How to judge a cow ?
This was the question on a special day for young farmers in education at
29th November 2014. The Allgauer Herdebuchgesellschaft (AHG), Amt
fur Ernahrung und Landwirtschaft (AELF), the A.I. center Greifenberg
(BSG) and the young breeder`s organization invited all trainees in agriculture to the farm of Family Schwayer, Lauchdorf.
The challenge for the young people is, to improve the knowledge about
the cow and the breed of Brown Swiss, Simmental and Holstein. The requirements for a modern dairy cow were the main focus on this day. The
functional treats were shown them at cows from all 3 Breeds. Mr.
Schwayer also showed them a large group of Prinz daughters. He is also
the breeder of the bull Prinz. The trainees could see the well know Hucos
Rikone as well. She is the mother of Prince. He told the trainees that this
cow family possesses very functional treats, excellent feet and legs and
they are quite economical.
After launch they had a discussion about the work of the AHG. Thomas
Bechteler explained them the different parts of this big company, for
example the auction sale, the exports, the fattening calves market and
the breeding program here in Germany. Susanne Bohm (BSG) told to
the young people the value of the
different sires which could be used
in the next time of insemination. At
the end all participant´s agreed that
it was a really good day to talk about
the needs of the cows which are
used in increasing farms. Because of
this successful day we will repeat
such an event next year again.

Brown Breeders on the EuroTier
With several different booths, the Brown Swiss Breeding organisations
were able to present their work on the EuroTier 2014 from 11 th to 14.th
of November in Hanover.
The EuroTier is the largest trade fair for animal production in agriculture worldwide and is conducted every two years in Hanover. This year
156,000 visitors from 100 different countries could be counted, to find
out about the products from 2,360 exhibitors.
The Bavarian Brown Swiss organizations AHG, and the A.I studs Memmingen (Alpengenetik) and Greifenberg had a booth as well as RBW.
Also Rinderzucht Austria presented Brown Swiss cattle. Thus were diverse and valuable contacts are made to other countries and breeding
areas to secure the sale of Brown Swiss animals for the upcoming season.


On the occasion of the Waldseer Braunviehtag again the election of the Baden-Wurttembergische Brown Swiss Queen was
necessary. The Queen is elected by all the breeders of the
country for a term of two years and has the task of representing the indigenous brown livestock fairs, shows and national
events. There was a choice in between Birgit Beck, Echterdingen, Patricia Home, Sassenweiler and Bianca Traut,
Leutkirch. The audience chose Bianca Traut (22) from
Leutkirch who thanked the audience with a musical serenade.
Bianca comes from a farm with 70 cows Brown from

Hegall, most heavely used sire in Germany
With Hegall a Husjet son leads the list of the most frequently
used bulls in Germany. This bull was also used as sire of sons
and has already with Hebron and Hercules very high genomic
sons in the list. For years in the top list of the most used bulls
also old stars Huray and Payssli are in the top 5 this year
Among the most frequently used genomic young sires there
are the bulls Jesther, Verdi, Feuerstein, Vintage and Husold. In
addition, 8 other genomic young sires has more than 1,000
first inseminations, underlining the intensive use of genomic
young sires, which are able to do - depending on the area between 60 and 80% of all inseminations in the Brown Swiss
breed. A total of about 184,000 inseminations with the Brown
Swiss breed are done in Germany, 167,000 inseminations of
this in the states of Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria.

Most used bulls 2014 in Germany: Tested Descendants
AI number
Most used bulls 2014 in Germany: Genomic bulls
AI number




Waldseer Braunviehtag with record number of visitors
With 125 show cows Bad Waldsee Braunviehtag on 10/26/2014 was
charged very high-profile and extensive and
was judged by Daniel Gasser from South Tyrol, in a sovereign manner and
with good comments. With a rapid decisions
and very precise comment he was responsible for a successful procedure
and wonderful pictures at the end the winner decisions.
With 48 heifers the 2-year-classes were of very high quality and showed
many daughters of domestic sires such as Payssli, Viff, Jubev, Vanto and Viray. Winner of the 2-year-olds was the well-known Huray daughter of Edwin
Kling, Murrwangen. The classes of high-quality occupied second calf cows
was won by the Payoff daughter Laureen, a daughter of the famous show
cow General Larry from Friedrich Sauter, Krattenweiler. The medium aged
cow classes with cows with 3-5 calves were won by the superior Huray
daughter Indira Friedrich Sauter Krattenweiler, this cow goes back to the
famous I-family, which already had many show and brood cows. Indira is
also the mother of the type bull Anibay. The outstanding show cow was also
able to secure the championship title of the event, winner of the old cows
was Precise Emmi from Martin Hansler, Deuchelried.

Elite auction successfully
On the occasion of Waldseer Braunviehtag, the RBW had an elite auction of
some genomically tested high quality heifers from different farms of the
breeding area. For sale several animals from the Even Victoria and Even
Bounce-families were offered. A whole range of animals went straight back
to the Payssli cow family. This high-quality offer met with great interest.
Thus, a very high average price has been reached with € 2,247, the most
expensive heifer was a genomically-tested Huxoy-Heifer from the Payssli
cow family, which was contracted by several A.I. studs.

After the great success of the Bruna 2014, the 47th National Brown Show will
take place in Montichiari, Brescia from 13 th to 15th February 2015.
The program will include the National Brow Herdbook Show, the Bruna Junior Club Shows, the Special Schools' Day and the Italian Genetics Exhibitions.
Save the date, Anarb have already started working on the event !

Latest news about the Indexes
Click here for the latest genomic indexes. A short comment in the heat of the
moment: the top sires and le whole ranking link has not changed and it
shows an overall stability. Some interesting new sires have been authorized
in these last four months.

Brown Cattle Auctions
On Thursday, December 18th the traditional Brown Auction took place at the
Auction Hall in Bolzano. The catalogue is available on line.


The Use of Sexed semen in France :
An opportunity to develop the breed
The use of sexed semen exploded in France in the recent years. This is even truer in the Brown Swiss breed, with a huge potential in the future. This innovation revolution the management of herd renewal, a real opportunity for the Brown Swiss development!
The sexed semen answers a real need in the French farms. In 2013, 729 Brown swiss breeders used it in their farms and this number is
still growing because of its economic interest.
The benefits of sexed semen are not missing:
- Ensure more females each year,
- Anticipate herd growth,
- Get more females from good cows,
- Ease of calving for heifers thanks to a smaller female calve

Top 10—Bulls most used
in sexed semen since 2008
in France

For the Brown Swiss breed, it has two other big advantages:
- Increase the number of females for the breed development,
- Reduce the number of males poorly valued at 15 days in France
6087 doses sold in 2013/2014: an exponential growth of the sexed semen
Since the first bull PIXTON available in sexed semen by BGS in 2008, the use of sexed semen grew very
fast! Sales from 2013/2014 have almost doubled compared to 2012/2013. The very high genetic level
offers (Anibal, Zephir, and other French genomic bulls), had a favorable role.
The availability of the best bulls in sexed semen at reasonable prices is an additional chance for the breed
to make an even faster genetic progress in every farm.





















Auction sale in Clermont Ferrand: high record !
€ 2,990, that is the average price at which the animals offered for the annual sale at Sommet de L’élevage were sold on average this year. Through the
10 animals of very high genetic values at the sale, we found 5calves and 5
heifers as well as 3 batches of embryos.
The animal quality was remarkable and auctions grew very high for several
heifers. The top price of the sale was: ISABELLE (Dally x Jolt) a daughter of
the famous cow Tigelle (EX90) assigned to € 5,600. Second top price was
IVRESSE (Eagle Payssli x) from JAPANESE family, sold for the sum of €
4,900. This heifer is full of an embryo of BIVER x TORNADE (Janvier)
(TB85). The average price of
the three batches of embryos
was 733 €.

Tigelle (Hussli)


Blooming’s daughters

EXPO Swissgenetics

Change of generation

Under the name „EXPO Swissgenetics“ the biggest genetic
supplier of Switzerland opened a display window and presented three to four daughters of actual top bulls.

The assembly of delegates voted for new board members: Gody Bachman
(canton of Solothurn & Basle), Andreas Walser (canton of Grisons), Josef
Portmann (canton of Lucerne) and Pius Meier (canton of Zug).
President Markus Zemp honoured the retiring board members Carl Brandenburger, Josef Muller, Walter Annen and Toni Bucher. Carl Brandenburger (former Vice President) was elected as a honorary member of
Braunvieh Schweiz. The new Vice President is now Reto Grunenfelder
(canton of St. Gallen). The committee of the board members will be completed by Andreas Walser.
Finally, the following employees, which will be retired next year, have
been honoured: Oskar Gruter (Member of the Management), Monica Buhlmann (Secretary), Brigitte Gurtler (French Translator), Peter Barmettler
and Hans Dettling (Type classifiers).

Bull of the year 2014 is KALINgen Nest Nescardo from Paul
Kalin, Steinen, canton of Schwyz. Daughters of the following
bulls left a very positive impression with breeders of all kind
of breeds : Blooming, Nescardo, Genox-Boy, Gusti, Silverstone
and Original Braunvieh bull Vero.

Nescardo’s daughters
Andreas Walser & Reto Grünenfelder

Braunvieh Academy
With a new education called “Braunvieh Academy” the Swiss
federation Braunvieh Schweiz offers a new service for dairy
cow breeders; being in step with actual practice. The first slogan is “a Brown Swiss cow for every farm”. It will contain fascinating topics about Brown Swiss breeding presented by interesting speakers.

Swiss milk records


164 184

164 836

Ø Milk Kg

6 917

6 986

Fat %



Protein %





Number of lactations
under milk recording

Persistency %

Carl Brandenburger

One year recording of health data
The new provided report of health data on
BrunaNet can be used now by the breeders
for the herd management. For the first time
reporting of health data offers an added
value for the participants. Furthermore direct reporting by smartphone is now possible.


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