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Business Litigation Law Firm Chicago
The Velasco Firm works effectively and honorably to resolve issues and conflicts in the areas of
business law and family law. Our approach is both professional and direct. We listen. We
educate. We set clear, coherent and reasonable expectations. We evaluate possible outcomes.
We explore realistic timelines. Of equal importance, we confer about strategies to control
The Velasco Firm was founded to address the corporate, personal and familial needs of its

Our Services
Business & Litigation : The Velasco Firm serves as business lawyers to entrepreneurial and
family owned businesses. We help clients in forming business entities, drafting both personal
and business contracts, drafting leases, settling membership and ownership issues, drafting
employment policies, resolving business disputes, reviewing operating agreements, and
providing legal representation in court, arbitration and mediation venues.
As experienced outside general counsel, The Velasco Firm works proactively to reduce internal
risks and manage external legal needs of small business. Our outside general counsel work is
cost effective, efficient and responsive.
The Velasco Firm is your value-added contact point for advising, drafting and negotiating. We
understand your business, your needs and your bottom line.
The Velasco Firm helps today’s business owner reap the rewards from today’s succession
planning. Solve tomorrow’s problems today: management, ownership and taxes.
Succession planning allows business owners to resolve equity and shareholder concerns as well
as deal with the technicalities of buy-sell agreements, insurance and estate planning.
The Velasco Firm also offers services related to foreign investor participation in the EB-5
government program and asset protection, often essential for all business owners and

Personal & Family :The Velasco Firm offers services related to all matters of personal and
family law issues, including divorce, child custody & support, civil union agreements, premarital
agreements, post decree mediation, asset protection and EB-5s.At The Velasco Firm, we pride
ourselves on our communication, planning and professionalism. We inform our clients of what
is possible; and we present the most direct plan for achieving the possible.

Business & Litigation Issues
From forming the corporation to taking part in litigation, The Velasco Firm provides services for
any and all business needs.

Personal & Family Issues
The Velasco Firm offers services related to all matters of personal and family law issues,
including divorce, child custody & support, civil union agreements, premarital agreements, post
decree mediation, asset protection and EB-5s.

James Velasco
James Velasco is the founder of The Velasco Firm. He received his
undergraduate, graduate and law degrees from Loyola University Chicago
where he was a Presidential Scholar and a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the
national Jesuit Honor Society.
James has spent the past three decades litigating complex legal issues. Although he has
extensive trial experience, his primary goal is to facilitate the best settlement possible for the
firm’s clients and to avoid the high cost of litigation whenever possible.
Before attending law school, James taught Classical Greek, Latin and English on Chicago’s North
James Velasco has been both an educator for over 11 years and a trial attorney for more than
30 years.

Brittany Roebke
Brittany Roebke is an attorney at The Velasco Firm LLC. Brittany received
her undergraduate degree from Truman State University and her Juris
Doctorate from Chicago-Kent College of Law.
Brittany was awarded the President’s Scholarship from Truman State, an
academic based scholarship that covered the full cost of her undergraduate tuition. She was
also awarded a full tuition scholarship from Chicago-Kent.
During her time in law school, Brittany became a Center for Conflict Resolution Certified
Mediator. She also worked as an extern for the Honorable Michael Panter in Parentage and
Child Support Court and as a clerk and legal researcher at a family law firm. During law school,
Brittany also received the CALI “Excellence for the Future Award” in Pre-Trial Litigation.

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