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E85 Heating / Air Conditioning System
Purpose of the System
This module describes the heating and air conditioning systems of the Z4. A differentiation
is made between (depending on how the vehicle is equipped):
• Integrated heating and air conditioning control - IHKS
• Integrated automatic heating and climate control - IHKA
Compared to the predecessor (Z3), the optional IHKA including automatic recirculating air
control AUC is a unique feature in the roadster.
In both variants, the control panel consists of three control zones each with a rotary knob.
These are elevated from the instrument panel like "islands" to underscore the sporty characteristics and enhance the high grade appearance of the roadster. The rotary knobs feature precision adjustment and rotary function lighting.
Various function buttons that differ depending on IHKS/IHKA are integrated in the center
Advantages at a glance:
• Sporty and high grade control panel appearance.
• The island design provides clearly arranged and easy to use controls.
• Precision adjustment for air distribution, blower speed and temperature setting.
• Common parts concept implemented to a large extent.
• No water shut-off valve and auxiliary water pump due to airbased control.

IHKS System Components
The IHKS system consists of following components:
• IHKS control panel/control module

• Evaporator temperature sensor

• IHKS heater/air conditioner unit

• A/C compressor

• Refrigerant pressure sensor

• Rear window defogger relay

E85 Heating/Air Conditioning System