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Sell Mineral Rights Texas
Wondering how to sell your mineral rights? You've come to the right place. The
Mineral Auction, located in Austin, TX, can help you to get the best price on your
interests. If you are looking to sell oil and gas royalties, we can help as well. Our
mineral rights broker will connect you to thousands of the most reputable oil and
gas royalties and mineral rights buyers. Selling your mineral rights or oil and gas
royalties has never been easier!
Selling Mineral Rights
The Mineral Auction helps people get the best price when selling mineral rights. If
you want to sell your oil and gas royalties, but aren’t sure how to go about it, we
can help you. We help mineral rights owners get the best price by bringing their
rights or royalties to auction; where thousands of already interested and
reputable buyers will compete to get you the best price.
The Mineral Auction works with a collection of thousands of interested and
qualified buyers. We link our fees to the sales price in order to tie our interests
with yours. With brokers who work on a set fee, there is motivation to get the
best price for you. Also, by auctioning your mineral rights to a large group, you
will get a better price than the slow and tedious process of shopping buyer to
We understand that you may not already know the processes involved with
finding mineral rights buyers. Our brokers will teach you their process of how to
sell mineral rights, so you will be fully informed. If you are looking to sell oil and
gas royalties, we can help you. Selling your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties
has never been easier!

What We Do
Our mineral rights brokers sell your minerals at auction, for top dollar. We utilize
a large network of buyers to attain the highest possible price for your mineral
rights. Charging a small percentage commission ensures that our interests are
aligned with you, the seller. Numerous mineral rights owners have received
financial independence through their experience with The Mineral Auction. The
best way to discover the best price for your minerals is to put them up for auction
in front of a wide audience. The Mineral Auction allows you to do just that at a
reasonable cost. What do you have to lose? Call us today!
The Mineral Auction is interested in speaking with you regarding the sale of your
mineral rights. We are interested assisting you in the sale of both producing and
non-producing rights. We charge a small percentage of the sale so that our
interests are aligned with YOU, the seller. Feel free to call or email us today!

Our Products & Services
Our broker will shop your oil and gas interests to thousands of qualified buyers,
all for a very reasonable fee. This ensures that the broker/seller interests are in
line(more money for the seller equals more money for the broker). For your
convenience, we will assist you with the legal services that go along with selling
your oil and gas royalty interests, such as contract writing and negotiation of
deeds. In most cases, this can be done for FREE.
Be confident that with the assistance of our brokers, your sale will be completed
quickly, with your best interest in mind. Though we specialize in assisting those
looking to sell mineral rights in our own back yard, the Eagle Ford Shale formation
in South Texas, we are experienced in marketing oil and gas royalty interests
nationwide. We welcome your business, no matter where your oil and gas royalty
or rights are located.

Sell Your Mineral Rights
If you are interested in selling mineral rights in Texas or any other state, then look
no further than The Mineral Auction. There are many reasons for wanting to sell
your mineral rights, but no matter the reason we can get you top dollar through a
mineral rights auction. The main benefit of selling through an auction to our

network of thousands of mineral rights buyers versus shopping to one buyer at a
time is that the auction ensures you will receive fair market value at a minimum.
Whether you are interested in selling mineral rights, oil and gas royalties or both,
The Mineral Auction can assist you and guide you through the process while
bringing a FULL PRICE offer. Contact us today for an introduction on how you can
sell your oil and gas royalty interests and possibly reach financial independence
like many of our past clients.

The Mineral Auction
1704 Hartford Road
Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (737) 247-6933

For more information please visit

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