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Workplace Investigation

Workplace Investigations
For successful resolution of all workplace disputes and allegations
of wrongdoing, a prompt, thorough, and efficient investigation
conducted by a trained, neutral investigator is essential. And, it will
also discourage any attempt to litigate the underlying issues. Court
decisions and EEOC Guidance make it clear that any investigation
conducted by an employer requires a “well-trained” investigator
skilled in asking questions and determining credibility.
HR personnel at most companies, while very skilled, do not have the training and/or
experience to conduct such an investigation, thus putting the employer at risk. And,
the use of in-house or retained counsel can result in the counsel becoming a fact
witness in the litigation, and may also put at risk the ability to asset the attorneyclient and work product privileges. The use of neutral, outside investigators
preserves the reality and appearance of neutrality, and makes it more likely that
witnesses will be fully cooperative.
For each and all of these reasons, it just makes good sense to utilize
the expertise of our attorney investigators, Stephen Duggan J.D. and
Lynne Eisaguirre, J.D., for your workplace investigations. With years of
experience dealing with the many issues presented in investigation of
complaints, your result is a prompt, thorough, experienced and
impartial investigation of your sensitive workplace issues.

Mediation Services
We understand the challenges and dynamics of workplace disputes.
They are disruptive and can be devastating both personally and
professionally. Our attorney facilitator, Geralynn Patellaro J.D.,
assists clients in resolving disputes through facilitated mediation.
With years of experience as an attorney representing employers and
employees, and managing large and small companies, Ms. Patellaro
has the cultural sensitivity and extensive experience with a global
workforce. Through creative problem solving, dispute resolution,
and coaching skills, she has the ability to draw out the participants
and remain impartial.
Ms. Patellaro has successfully mediated workplace disputes and
mediated for Santa Clara County Dispute Resolution Services.

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