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Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services

NMS provides an Integrated Solution for collateral, product distribution and direct mail campaigns
to valued partners, through our commitment to Customer Service, Quality and Technology.

Inventory Mgt, Product Distribution, Bulk Collateral Fulfillment
NMS provides a comprehensive product and literature distribution program. We can warehouse,
package and ship your literature and promotional items to your customers, partners, sales force,
trade shows or any other location you choose. We offer a customized secure web interface that can
be branded with your identity and specifically tailored to your needs and business rules.
Administrators can quickly access information such as current inventory levels, order status
backorders, shipping and delivery status and much more.

Literature Distribution
Marketing and Sales collateral can be fulfilled through our real-time online inventory management
and order processing system, or a custom designed ecommerce site tailored to your needs. NMS
offers same day shipping, live tracking, reporting and print on demand services for most collateral

Product Fulfillment
Whether you're selling DVD's or Toothbrushes, or giving away promotional material NMS can help
fulfill orders anywhere in the world through a real-time online inventory management and order
processing system, or a custom designed ecommerce site tailored to your needs.

Web-based Administration Tools
All of NMS' programs are accompanied with web-based administration tools to help aid in the
management and maintenance of fulfillment and distribution programs.

24/7 Real-Time Access, Notification, Confirmation, Tracking and Reporting
NMS uses proprietary software that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through any Internet
connection. Our online real time system allows our customers to access reporting, tracking,
inventory levels and much more.

Over 10,000 sq. feet of Secure Warehouse Storage
NMS currently occupies 40,000 sq. feet with 10,000 securely fenced for the storage of client

Over 1,000 sq. feet of Secure Temperature-Controlled
We offer temperature-controlled storage for those items that are sensitive to temperature

Same Day Shipping
Orders placed by 2 pm can be shipped same day for all customers.

Direct Mail Services
Direct Mail touches people every day.
Many people look forward to receiving their daily mail. In fact, 98 percent of consumers
bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77 percent sort through it immediately. In addition
to that kind of exposure, Direct Mail offers these benefits:
It’s targeted.
Mass advertising (TV, print, radio, etc.) can be expensive and isn’t always an option for
small businesses. But Direct Mail can focus on a smaller group of individuals who are more
likely to respond to your offer, giving you more bang for your buck.
It’s personal.
With Direct Mail, you can address your customers by name, speak to them individually, and
appeal to their interests. And when customers feel that you understand their needs, they’re
more likely to respond. In fact, 55 percent of consumers “look forward” to discovering the
mail they receive.
It’s flexible.
From letters to postcards to brochures, there is a large variety of inexpensive and easy
formats you can use to create your direct mail campaign. You can add impact by including
a special offer or free sample in the envelope.

It’s tangible.
Direct Mail allows you to physically place your message in your customers’ hands and
encourage interaction. Along with an engaging message, you can make an unforgettable
impression by incorporating elements that actively involve the customer, like stickers, and
It’s measurable.
Direct Mail is one of the few media channels that gives you the ability to track the success
of your campaign. It’s as simple as counting the inquiries you received or counting the
number of coupons redeemed. By tracking and analyzing your results, you’ll see what’s
working and can make adjustments to future mailings if needed.
It’s easy and cost-effective.
You don’t have to be a Direct Mail expert with a big budget to advertise with the mail. With
a computer, some desktop publishing software, and a little know-how, you can create
your own professional-looking Direct Mail piece. With help from a mailhouse you can take
advantage of presorted postage discounts and automation.

Other services
Production Services
Web Services
Data Services
Printing Services
Design Services
Promotional Services

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