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French Books Online
French books on line for children, teens and adults. Our books in French are available on
line and ship from the US. Large selection of French books, magazines, stationery, small
gifts and unique gifts.

Books and Textbooks
We carries in stock a wide selection of General Literature Books for children, teens and
We have distribution agreements will all major French and Canadian editors and have
access to their entire selection whether published in France or Canada including:
General Literature Books
Text Books and Manuals
Teachers Manuals
Summer Camp Workbooks
Dictionaries and other reference materials

Classroom Equipment
We carry a complete line of classroom equipment including:
Maps and globes
Posters and other murals
Classroom and educational games
Board games
Classroom decorations
Incentive and recognition products

Book Fairs with Buy-Back Option
We have developed this program specifically to help Schools and libraries organize Book
Fairs without the financial burden or risk associated with those events.
Order and display as many books as you wish at your book fair and we will buy-back
the books that have not sold. No restocking charge, No fees of any kind.
In order to qualify for the buy-back option, books have to be eligible, in brand new
condition upon their return to us and must be shipped back freight prepaid.
Buy-Back Option Eligibility: alll books on our web site are eligible. At the time of
order, we will determine eligibility for custom ordered books.

Custom Orders
Our selection is continuously growing, however if you are looking for a specific title,
collection or item that we do not carry in stock, we will gladly custom order your selection.

Purchase Orders
We gladly accepts Purchase Orders from schools, school districts, public libraries or any
educational or public entities.

For more information please visit

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