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Myrtle Beach Condo Real Estate
Ocean Investments, We help you to find the best deals in real estate, vacation homes
and condos for sale in Myrtle Beach SC area.
The Myrtle Beach market has been explosive and is in the process of significant growth
and change. Today it is critical that purchasers identify with the proven development
teams that will deliver quality properties in an experienced and integrated manner.
These are the properties that The Hoffman Group offers. It is our pleasure to represent
these fine developments.
Myrtle Beach is a city in the state of South Carolina. It is located in Horry County and is
part of the Grand Strand of beaches. The Grand Strand, also known as Long Bay, is an
essentially uninterrupted 60 mile stretch of beach from Calabash, North Carolina to
Georgetown, South Carolina. The primary city along this stretch of beachfront is Myrtle
Before the Europeans started arriving, Long Bay was inhabited by the Waccamaw
Indians. These Indians settled mainly around the Little River area just slightly northeast
of what is now Myrtle Beach. The river was used for travel and fishing.
Settlers first arrived in the Long Bay area in the 17th century. These new arrivals tried to
extend the plantation system towards the ocean. The soil in the area was too sandy and
produced poor crops so this was abandoned and the area returned to its uninhabited
Just around the time of the American Revolution, land grants were given to several
families. The most notable of these was the Withers family and their granted land was
called the Withers Swash. The Withers remained as one of the few settlers for the next
50 years until a strong hurricane took the house of R.F Withers into the ocean drowning
18 members of the family simultaneously. As a result, the Withers family abandoned
their plot. The land was now uninhabited again and returned to its natural forested
After the Civil War, this abandoned land was purchased by the Conway Lumber
Company. The company built the Conway & Seashore railroad to move cut timber
inland. At the end of the railroad, a “Withers” post office was established. This was the
area of the old Swash settled by the Withers years before.

This was called “New Town” and employees would take a rain flatcar to the beach on
their weekends off.
The Seaside Inn was built in 1900 for visitors to the railroad. A contest was held to
rename New Town. A resident, F.G. Burroughs suggested honoring a local shrub and the
name “Myrtle Beach” was born.
Myrtle Beach continued to grow for the next couple of decades. In 1938, the city
incorporated and in 1940, Myrtle Beach Municipal Airport was built and the King’s
Highway was paved which gave the city its first primary roadway.
Presently, Myrtle Beach is a huge tourist attraction bringing over 13 million visitors a
year to the pristine beaches. This tourism drives the local economy directly, but golf is
another major attraction in Myrtle Beach. A staggering 4.2 million rounds of golf are
played annually here.

Dunes Village Resort
The new OCEANFRONT Dunes Village
Resort is located a in Myrtle Beach's
most central and desired section.
The resort has 2 indoor water parks
comprised of some 25,000 sq.ft. 20'
high ceilings and an incredible array
of water amenities including lazy
river rides, water slides, swimming
pools, spas and children pools. These
facilities will be complemented with
over 500' of coastline.

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