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If I’m being honest, I’ve indulged myself with our February
issue. I’m drastically running out of wall space for my
finishes, and I don’t think my husband would approve of
me removing beloved family photos. So, I wanted to fill
this issue with some useful projects that can live elsewhere!
I’ve included a bumper bedroom set with Jenny Barton’s
pretty and chic fashion designs, and Sheena Rogers’
pincushion is the perfect gift for February birthdays – or
you can keep it for yourself as a handy addition to your craft
room. Speaking of craft rooms, I let you into my brand new
one on page 66 – I’m so thrilled with it that I just had to share
some pics. It was the perfect setting to photograph Maria
Diaz’s gorgeous vintage sewing machine cover, too – find
the chart on page 18. I must make some space on the wall
for our Chart of the Month, however – it’s a wonderful
Scandinavian-inspired redwork sampler by Jacob de Graaf.
And Lesley Teare’s beautiful snowdrop mini-pic won’t take
up much space so I could stitch that too… oh, will I ever learn?

Rebecca Bradshaw
We’d love to feature you on our letters page – email us
at csc@immediate.co.uk, and send us your best pics!

Turn to page 28 to read all about
our trip to visit the Clothworkers’
Centre to see the V&A’s amazing
collection of antique samplers.
We were shown stunning cross
stitch samplers from as early as
the sixteenth century – even
one stitched by Mary Queen of
Scots herself! You too could win
an exclusive trip to visit this
historical treasure trove – turn
to page 4 or 31 to find out more!



February 2015