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Hazwoper Training Online
The online HAZWOPER training industry began in 1998 when our company published the first
online HAZWOPER Refresher training course. Since this time, many companies have seen the great
value that online training provides. Many credible reports indicate that online training provides
better comprehension of material and a paper trail to ensure compliance with OSHA HAZWOPER
U.S. OSHA has also seen the great value in online training and currently adminsters the OSHA
Outreach Training program from their training institute in Arlington Heights, Illinois. While
HAZWOPER training is excluded from their offerings, they have initated the OSHA 10 and 30 hour
program with great success. More and more employers are deciding to train their employees online
rather in a conventional classroom training setting. U.S. OSHA has accepted the use of our
HAZWOPER Hands-on Simulator® for online delivery and a copy of their letter is available in the
download section of our website. This is yet another step closer to OSHA fully accepting online
regulatory training.

Who We Are
We are a nationally renowned training firm that specializes in online environmental, health and
safety (EH&S) training for Fortune 50 companies, federal and state regulators, medium to small
companies, the federal government and individual professionals. This includes training officials
from OSHA, EPA, DOD, DOE, NASA, USCG, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Homeland
Security and many other regulatory agencies. In addition, we have also been fortunate enough to
train thousands of professionals across every industry in the private sector.
In 1996, we were the first to offer online EH&S training. We became the pioneers of online training
by offering the first interactive self-paced online course and the first major online learning site.

What Makes Us Different
NET has extensive experience integrating three core tenants of successful online training: design,
OSHA compliance, and service, all through our unique process. Everyone claims to do it, only a few
of us do it well.

$395.00 per person - Take the web's premiere 40 hour HAZWOPER course - featuring the OSHA
accepted HAZWOPER Hands-on Simulator®. This training is required for individuals who plan to
work at a HAZWOPER Work Site.

$295.00 per person - The 24 hour HAZWOPER is designed for professionals with short work durations at
a HAZWOPER site. They will not experience an exposure at or over a Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL).
The 40 hour HAZWOPER course is for professionals with longer work durations and will be subject to a
hazardous substance(s) at or above a PEL.

HAZWOPER 8-Hour Annual Refresher
$95.00 per person - Annual training is required for individuals in order to maintain their
certification. This course covers broad issues pertaining to the hazard recognition at work sites.
OSHA has developed the HAZWOPER program to protect the workers working at hazardous sites
and devised extensive regulations to ensure their safety and health.

National Environmental Trainers
National Environmental Trainers® (NET) offers the highest quality available in online HAZWOPER
refresher and 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training and certification. We are specialists and experts with
many years experience in this field. Our site contains a comprehensive catalog of OSHA courses for
online safety training. We have trained many professionals with our courses, including state and
federal regulators.
All of our courses comply with the rigid OSHA and HAZWOPER regulations. You can receive your
initial training or take a refresher course to maintain your HAZWOPER certification. We offer the
full suite of HAZWOPER courses from awareness level through emergency response and technician
level that are extremely interactive including 3D graphics and illustrations.
We have in-house subject matter experts who authored our courses and are available 24/7 to
answer questions or provide guidance. Our team developed the HAZWOPER Hands-on Simulator®
that is considered the industry standard for hands-on site-specifc training.
Our classes aid employers in complying with the important OSHA regulations and guidelines. The
classes we offer meet or exceed the latest OSHA requirements for HAZMAT certification clean-up, as
well as other sites and work areas where dangerous releases of hazardous materials could occur.
Safety on a jobsite is an absolute must, and we will help you prevent injuries and fatalities.

Training for Marine Oil Spills
OSHA has issued special directives or guidance documents with respect to marine oil spill cleanup.
According to these documents, some of the HAZWOPER training requirements maybe be lessened.
For example, a worker retrieving tar balls on a beach may not need the 40 hour course. The beach
workers could possibly receive a specialized 8 hour course and be in compliance with OSHA. All of
this depends upon the OSHA permissible exposure levels (PELs) of the constituents in the oil.
For workers who are on a vessel or boat and the PELs are exceeded, these workers would be
required to be trained to the HAZWOPER 40 standard. Cleanup of oil on the water surface tends to
be more of a occupational hazard than retrieving tar balls on a beach.

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