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Maui Snorkeling Tours
Aqua Adventures Maui snuba & snorkel trip leaves from south Maui's
Maalaea Harbor at 7:15am. This is later than many of the other boats,
but that doesn't matter. Aqua Adventure is FAST! In fact, she is so fast,
we'll be one of the first ones to Molokini Crater – a crescent-shaped
island formed by a volcanic cinder cone, located off the south Maui
coast. This gives us the opportunity to select the best location for your
Snorkel/SNUBA adventure!
Of course, that could change if we spend a little time for a close
encounter of the “whale kind” along the way! Whalewatching is
included on all trips during whale season (December - April).
On route to Molokini Crater youll enjoy a delicious continental
breakfast of fresh island fruit, pastries, bagels with cream cheese and
jelly, coffee and juice.
Keep your eyes open for Maui's acrobatic spinner and bottlenose
dolphins along the way. They love to "bow ride" on the boats wake and
pressure wave as we cruise along at a brisk 20 knots.
Once at Molokini, your instructor will show you how to use your
equipment, and go over some essential safety points, then it's into the
After Molokini, it's on to "Turtle Arches", located off the Makena Coast.
Many of these green sea turtles are used to snorkelers and divers and
will approach quite close! However you are not permitted to touch or
"ride" the turtles as they're one of Hawaiis protected marine species.
After you're done snorkeling and diving with the turtles, a great delistyle lunch with a wide assortment of sandwich fixins will be waiting on

On the ride back home, enjoy a cold beer, Maui Tai or Rum & Coke!
We return to Maalaea Harbor at 12:00 noon.
If you want to avoid the crowds and get TRUE personalized service,
then join Aqua Adventure for the Maui snorkeling and snuba
experience of a lifetime!
On Aqua Adventures, your family becomes part of ours!
Aqua Adventures specializes in small, private group charters, wedding parties, and family gettogethers.
Our Boat
The Aqua Adventure is a 2003 model twin engine high speed vessel.
She is powered by two 350 horse Cummins diesels that push her along
at 22 knots. There is an upper sun deck, lower shaded deck as well as a
walk around cabin that gives you access to the bow.
That bow area comes in real handy for those close encounters with the
local residents, the Hawaiian Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins.
There is plenty of seating. We are certified to carry 49 passengers but
take no more than 40 to insure more than enough room for everyone.
The swimstep area is as user friendly as it gets, with two stair-like
ladders for easy access in and out of the water. There are two fresh
water showers to rinse the salt off after you are done playing in the
water for the day.
What is SNUBA
Our guests are welcome to go snorkeling only, but if you want to go beyond
snorkeling, then you've GOT to try SNUBA! Youll be able to explore Maui's
underwater world safely, easily, and up close.
Snuba is a patented system connecting you and your dive companion to an
inflatable raft, which follows you along the surface supporting your air tank.
Snuba Diving allows you to dive to a depth of 10 feet and is a thrill your
entire family can enjoy together.

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