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Fertile Chicken Eggs for Hatching
Wincorp International specializes in trading, producing and exporting fertile broiler
hatching eggs.
We specialize in producing and selling fertile broiler hatching eggs. We also sell other items
for chicken growing production.

About Us
Twenty–five years ago Jamaica Broilers was faced with a challenge; their operation in
Jamaica was in desperate need of parts and equipment from US suppliers. The difficulties
began when suppliers informed Jamaica Broilers that quantities ordered had to be shipped
in full container loads.
This created a problem that had to be solved as the company was very dependent on these
supplies, but could not yet handle such volume. In an effort to meet this challenge, Jamaica
Broilers invested in an office and warehouse space located in Miami FL, that would hold
and ship the supplies as needed. This new investment would be known as Wincorp
The creation of Wincorp allowed Jamaica Broilers to reduce costs and cut waste by 30%. It
was a major accomplishment for the company that opened many new doors. Twenty-five
years later, Wincorp has broadened its reach by offering these services to customers
throughout the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

Support Services
Nutritional, Veterinarian Diagnosti, Managerial / Marketing, Technology Transfer,
Laboratory and Proximate Analysis, People with an extensive knowledge of the market, A
proven track record, People who are well-known in the market, A company of integrity.

As you are reading this today, we stand ready to serve you and provide you with a great
product. We will recommend the best parts and equipment for your needs, then source
them, purchase them on your behalf and ship them to you at the most competitive rates in
the industry.
With this expansion, we found that the main product our customers were continuously
requesting was hatching eggs. In keeping true to our goal of meeting customers’ needs and
bringing value to their operations we expanded into the fertile hatching egg business. This
investment has allowed us to become one of the largest producers in the US with locations
in both Arkansas and Georgia.

Mission Statement
With God’s guidance we shall efficiently manage our company to fulfill its obligations to our
customers, shareholders, employees, contractors and the community at large, with an
attitude of SERVICE, and a commitment of TRUTH, FAIRNESS and the building of

Our Goal
We believe that a happy customer is our guarantee of a tomorrow, our team is focused on
having fun, making a profit and being personally fulfilled at the end of the day and that
should shine through in your experience with Wincorp.

For More Infroamtion please visit us


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