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German Third Reich Stamps .pdf

Nom original: German Third Reich Stamps.pdf
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German Third Reich Stamps
MAR Historical the preeminent destination for German and German area items
specializing in the World War Two period. We scour the world to bring you one of
the largest, most diverse, and interesting stocks of material from this area.

About us
Matthew A. Roth, started this business in 1996 part-time. When I went full-time in
1999 I took the name MAR Historical. Our business is Germany and related areas
including occupations, with a focus on the World War Two priod.
As the business has grown and expanded, we have added many new products and
services and will continue to do so in the years to come. At MAR Historical, we like
to think of ourselves as sources of information as well as material. Beyond our
experience and knowledge of the area and period, we have an extensive list of
specialized and hard-to-find literature available for sale. We stock covers,
postcards, stamps, propaganda material, documents, revenues/vignettes, feldpost,
an amazing WWII German and occupations stamp album, and much more.
At MAR Historical, we pride ourselves on offering fast, professional and courteous
service. We value your business and try to make your experience productive and

Austrian union memory PC used with Mi 848 and Graz
Hitler BDay SST.

BuM meter cover from branch of the MGM motion picture
Germany overweight cover to Sweden with Mi 787 MeF 125-1945 censored with B-53c and B-14a.

BuM Mi 10 MeF correct Early rate registered cover 7-271939

MAR Historical
Here at MAR Historical, the big news is that we have a new website! After a
lot of hard work and collaboration with some outstanding associates, we have
been able to redesign our web site. We hope that you like the new look and
that it is easier to find the items and information that you need. We
implemented a new inventory control system that will improve your
experience on the site with more accurate and timely information.
The built in search engine will allow you to quickly find more of the
material that meets your interests. There are thousands of items in the
system and I plan on adding thousands more. A tall task, but it has to be
If we can ever be of assistance, or if you would like us to try and find
special or specific items for you, just drop me a line.

For more information please

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