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Newark Long Term Parking has partnered with hotels and parking
lots near both entrances of EWR airport to find parking options that will
save you money. These partnerships enable you to easily get to the airport
without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Cheap Parking at Newark Airport guarantees you’ll have parking near the
airport; whether you choose the North entrance or South entrance. All of our
partner locations provide transportation to the airport, and will pick you up
when you return. We want to simplify airport parking. Just bring your
confirmation to the location you choose, and prepare to take off!

Newark Liberty International Airport has long been on the forefront of
aviation history. Firt opening in 1928, Newark is the nation’s oldest airfield
and home to the nation’s first ever commercial airline terminal. In 1935,
Amelia Earhart led the dedication of this landmark terminal building. In fact,
only London’s Croydon Aerodrome predates the Newark terminal.

The airport is located in both Newark and Elizabeth and is only 14 miles
from Manhattan. Its locations help it serve a critical role for the New YorkNew Jersey metropolitan area. Newark Liberty continues to build on its
heritage of innovation with leadership roles in managing congestion and
the campaign for NextGen technology.

Please be advised that it is best to arrange for any special assistance you
may need in advance, either directly with your airline or through a travel

It is important that you contact your airline in advance about any
specific needs, if you are not accompanied by, or met at the airport by, a
friend or relative.

Curbside unloading areas for baggage and passengers are available at each
terminal. In most cases, these areas are weather protected and located close to
each airline's entrance. Please take care to make arrangements with your
airline at least 24 hours in advance to confirm assistance with baggage checkin, ticketing and movement to the gate area. Skycaps are available to assist you
with your luggage. If you are traveling with any type of motorized wheelchair,
please ask the airline when you purchase the ticket about their policies
regarding battery-operated wheelchairs.

Drinking Fountains - Accessible drinking fountains are available in all terminals.
Restrooms -All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Pet Relief Areas - All passenger terminals at the Newark Liberty International
Airport provide these areas to conform with the federal Air Carrier Access Act.
This legislation requires such areas for service animals who travel with air
passengers. Signs featuring the international symbol for pet relief designate
the areas.
There are conveniently located phones in each terminal for the hearing

Electric Carts - Specially designed electric carts are available at Terminal C for
disabled passengers. These carts are available upon request from your airline
to transport you from the check-in area to the ticket counter and then to the
departure gate during operating hours. Please call your airline in advance, for
more information.
Car Rental - Vehicles equipped with hand controls are available from some onairport car rental companies. For additional information, please contact the
rental car companies directly.

Air Train provides a quick, easy and reliable mode of transport of traveling
between the terminals and the parking lots that serve them. Air Train is a
free service within Newark airport.

For more information please

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