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Sbicca Footwear
Sbicca is based in Southern California and the Sbicca of California Brand captures the
essence of the California lifestyle. This uniquely hand-crafted footwear is made in our
factory in Los Angeles using the finest materials. This 92 year old brand has a proven
successful track record of producing high quality footwear that is proudly MADE IN THE

History of Sbicca Footwear
The Sbicca Brand was originally founded by the Sbicca family in their home in
Philadelphia. The family began producing footwear in the USA in 1920 and moved their
thriving business to California following World War II.
In the 1970’s, Sbicca revolutionized the shoe business when they began producing their
“Molded Unit Bottoms” out of polyurethane. This gave Sbicca the competitive advantage of
producing footwear on a light weight, flexible bottom that is fashionable as well as
In 2010, the Sbicca of California brand was purchased by another family owned business,
Palos Verdes Footwear. This company is owned by the Lovely family and is the parent
company of the Volatile, Very Volatile, Volatile Kids, Volatile Handbags, Grazie, and Encanto
Footwear brands.

Features and Benefits
Sbicca of California’s styling is based on the California lifestyle, featuring very comfortable
sandals and shoes that combine the finest materials with the latest fashion trends.
All styles include double padded insoles.
Genuine Leather uppers.
Hand-woven Jute uppers.
Light weight, comfortable and flexible polyurethane unit bottoms.
A history of high quality footwear with excellent fit.

New Arrivals

Contact Us
Sbicca Footwear
1010 Sandhill Ave.
Carson, CA 90746

For more information please visit

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