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Yacht Charters Greece
The Superyacht Collection is an exclusive range of large sailing and motor yachts
available for charter worldwide: the Caribbean, Mediterranean and other glorious
sailing destinations such as the Pacific, Bahamas and New England. Within the
Mediterranean we can arrange charters in the West Med(France, Italy, Sardinia,
Corsica), Croatia & Montenegro and new for 2014, the East Med - Turkey and
The Caribbean is still the favourite winter (northern hemisphere) destination for
many beautiful and luxurious charter boats with fabulous cruising grounds in the
Virgin Islands, St Martin (St Maarten), St Barth's, Antigua, St Lucia, the
Grenadines, Grenada and beyond. In the summer, many of these yachts cross
back to Europe and charter in the Mediterranean. Others go to the Bahamas or
New England as well as the more far flung parts of the world such as remote
Pacific islands.

What Chartering Is All About

What is the magic of a private luxury superyacht charter? It's really all about total privacy,
personal service, gourmet meals, absolute relaxation and seclusion, watersports if you like
and no fixed itinerary. Chartering is an ideal vacation for many different groups of people:
families, groups of friends or just couples wanting a peaceful and romantic getaway.
Taking a vacation on a fully crewed yacht - is very much like staying in an exclusive
villa with first rate staff to look after you and make sure you have everything you want. The
yacht crew will sail the yacht, cook, pour drinks and take extremely good care of you. The
advantage is that your yacht moves when you want, to a new anchorage or new island. You
decide where to go, when, what you want to eat and who to take with you.

Luxury Superyacht Charters

We feature some of the best fully crewed luxury charter yachts: luxury power yachts,
cruising & performance sailing yachts, motor-sailors and catamarans - and each with a
highly professional crew. Please explore our superyacht listings where you will find
examples of superb yachts. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please do get
in touch - we'll be very pleased to help.
The Superyacht Collection represents some of the large premier motor and sailing charter
yachts recommended by Antigua Yacht Charters Limited, a well established independent
yacht charter broker based in Antigua. We're a small company and provide a professional,
friendly, unbiased and totally bespoke service to discerning clients. We have over 12 years
experience in the industry and many happy clients.

Antigua Yacht Charters
Antigua Yacht Charters Limited is an
independent yacht charter broker. We
are based in Antigua in the heart of the
Eastern Caribbean, surrounded by
some of the best sailing conditions in
the world and a principal destination
for luxury superyacht charters.
The business is owned and operated by
Liz Marlow, a member of the Charter
Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA).
We specialise in fully crewed yachts
and feature only those which we
believe our clients will appreciate. We
will always try to give fair, unbiased
recommendations and advice.

For more information please visit

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