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Gamers Assembly 2015

The Gamers Assembly 2015 is one of the largest gathering of video game players in France.
Participants enroll in a tournament on the favorite game and face opponents to try to win their
share of the tens of thousands of euros endowments involved each year.
Indeed, LFFC interviewed M.Piolini, managing tournaments Gamers Assembly, Friday, 01.09 to 14.00,
to present the LFFC project. Good things came out for the organization of a LAN BF4 there.

The conditions:

This year, for the first time, the console Battlefield community have the opportunity to see a
BF4 LAN to the Gamers Assembly 2015. However, we have few imperatives to organize this

A minimum of 10 teams per console
A ticket team set at 250€, without partners.

The questions to ask to the GA :
At our meetings, you’ve expressed your doubts, here are the questions we will raise with the
organizers of the LAN:
Should we take affected equipment?
Is it possible to use a Cronus to play on X1 or PS4, with a different controller?
Is it possible to incrase the slots?
What is the price for the manager? 15€
What is the game Mode?  Only Domination

It goes without saying that the LFFC will do everything in its power to lower the price of the ticket ant
to organize a carpool network.

Here are the files to be met Sunday 20:00 at the latest:

Thank you for your daily understanding and support.

Gamers Assembly 2015

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