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Harris Leasing Company

Harris Leasing
History of Harris Leasing in Houston
In May 1969 Jerry Harris formed Harris Leasing Company to be a third party lessor of
office equipment and office furniture. At that time the leasing industry was in its infancy
so the concept was new. Both the end users and the merchants who sold products that
were able to be placed on lease had to be educated. The merchants liked leasing
because it offered them an alternative to funding the payout over time from their own
pocket. The customers liked leasing because it offered them the opportunity to acquire
what they needed in the quantity they needed it without using up their cash reserves or
lines of credit and the possibility of a faster tax write off.
Leasing Business Equipment, Furniture, Construction Equipment and More
Since 1969 Harris Leasing Company has leased to thousands of businesses and funded
millions of dollars. Lease customers came forward with request for other types of
equipment that was useful in their individual types of business. After a time a slogan
was developed and trade marked-“If You Can Use It, We Can Lease It.” TM Not only does
Harris lease office furniture and office equipment, they lease industrial equipment,
construction equipment, communication equipment and medical equipment. Lease
amounts range from $500.00 up.

How to Choose an Equipment Leasing Company
When you are considering leasing equipment or furniture, we recommend that you
shop around for your leasing company. Compare service, flexibility, processing
time/hassles, and rates. Most importantly, how does the company "feel" that you are
planning to do business with?
Things to Consider when Choosing a Leasing Company:

Who are they? Are they working out of their home? Could you reach them during
business hours? Did you get their voicemail and a return phone call 4 hours later?
How long have they been around? Are they learning their way around the leasing
industry at your expense? Many sources currently marketing on the Internet weren't
even in business last year.
Did they mail you a "Pre Approved" Lease Credit Card?
This is just a ridiculous gimmick. Don't fall for it. Would you extend credit in your
business to someone you pulled out of a marketing list? Of course not. Why do
business with sharks?
What claims do they make? Does their Web page promise everything under the
sun? If so, they are either overstating themselves or not really as big as they want
you to think. Don't fall for it.

Computer & IT Equipment Leasing
Harris Leasing Company offers flexible equipment lease terms and equipment finance
agreements that make sense in the world of business. We can offer you programs for both
new and established companies that allow you to take advantage of tax incentives and
utilize your cash flow to its fullest advantage.

The acquisition of computer and IT equipment is a major decision and not taken lightly.
Why use your valuable credit lines? We can provide you the terms and a program that will
suit your needs and budget requirements.
Harris Leasing Company has equipment leasing/financing in amounts from $500.00 to
$250,000 and more with a sweet spot of $2,000.00 to 25.000.00. Lease terms range from
12 months to 60 months with flexible schedules for both new and established companies.
Some examples of computer equipment that can be leased:

File Servers
Macro computers
CAD/CAM systems

PC network

For more information please visit

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