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Day 1: Thursday 12 February 2015
Morning session

Registration and Coffee Break
Ibn Khaldoun: Welcome and Opening Speech: Mohamed Daoud (Tunisia Tesol President) /Faiza Derbel (Tunisia Tesol President Elect. and
conference Chair)
Ibn Khaldoun: Chair: Faiza Derbel: Plenary: Claire Bradin Siskin: “Farewell to Technosnobbery!”

12.30- 14.00

Group photo + Lunch Break

Afternoon Session: Parallel Papers





Room: Ibn Khaldoun
Chair: Mohamed Daoud
Theme: Blended Learning
Peter Karagianakis: Using Classroom,
Fieldtrip, and I-Pad For a Blended Learning
Al Tiyb Al Khaiyali: Exploring EFL
Teachers’ Use of Blended Learning in
Speaking Classes .

Zeineb Ayachi Ben Abdallah:
Effect of Networ ked Classrooms on
ESP Students’ Self -Perception.
Boutheina Majoul Aouadi:
Teaching/Learning in a Screen-Based

Room : Khawarizmi
Chair: Taher Labassi
Theme: Software/Technology Evaluation
Khalid Al Hariri: TalentLMS in English
Language Teaching ( ELT): Accessibility
and Li mitations .
Mohja Jerbi: Integrat ing Technology in
Teacher Education: The Use of the
Technological Content Knowledge
Framewor k (TPACK) .
Coffee Break
Af ef Ahmed Gasmi: Rethinking
Technology in Teacher Education
Programs: A Case Study.
Olf a Ben Amor: Evolving Pedagogies For the
Use of LAVAC in Tunisian Classroom Settings.

Room: Ibn Alhaytham
Chair: Ivan Lowe
Theme: ICT for EFL Learning/Teaching
Ahlem Selmi: CNUDST Electronic Resources for
Junior and Senior Scholars.
Nourelhouda Chakroun: Media Projects:
Why & How?

Marw a Mekni Toujani: Using Smart
Boards in EFL Classrooms: Benefits and
Li mitations.
Lobna Ben Nasr: ICT and EFL Teaching
towards Successful Personalized

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