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Blue Ventures Expeditions Ltd
Level 2 Annex, Omnibus Business Centre,
39-41 North Road, London N7 9DP
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7697 8598
Fax: +44 (0) 800 066 4032
Company #SC233112

Position Vacancy for Field Scientist
Position Title:

Field Scientist


Andavadoaka, Madagascar

Closing date for applications

1st March 2015

Contract duration

12 months with possibility of extension

Start date

May 2015

Remuneration and benefits

Monthly stipend plus flight and insurance
contributions and all food and
accommodation provided on site.

Summary Job Description
The role of the field scientist involves planning, coordinating and participating in all expedition research and
community outreach activities carried out on site, under the management and guidance of the Expedition
Manager, and contributing to the conservation goals of Blue Ventures and their partners. The role involves
working closely with the conservation research team in the UK to identify and develop research areas, as
well as responsibility for collection and collation of data and the analysis and reporting of research results.
Field Scientists are primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the expedition
volunteer training programme, teaching and providing assistance to our volunteers during the science
training periods at the beginning of each volunteer expedition, supervising volunteers to achieve the survey
aims of Blue Ventures and working closely with other staff members to disseminate research results and
information to relevant parties. Additional duties are shared by all site staff and include support in the day
to day running of the project, endorsement of site rules and regulations, and regular communication with
research staff in Andavadoaka and London.
The Field Scientist will be required to work with the Expedition Manager and conservation research team in
the UK to develop and supervise the volunteer expedition programme and conservation programmes
carried out by the Blue Ventures’ team and our partners. Additional duties may include representing Blue
Ventures at meetings, conferences and workshops elsewhere in Madagascar.
When on site in Andavadoaka as part of the volunteer expedition, the Field Scientist is responsible to the
Expedition Manager.

Manage and develop Blue Ventures’ volunteer science training programme, working closely with other
staff on site.
 Prepare, present and update lectures to volunteers on all subjects covered within Blue Ventures’
science training programme.
 Demonstrate proficiency in all practical and methodological skills and techniques covered in the
 Oversee volunteer training carried out by staff on site, to maintain quality control of science
training programme.
 Coordinate all day-to-day research and community outreach activities carried out during
expeditions, within the strategic plan of the research programme.
 Instruct and supervise methodological and sampling design.
 Adapt and develop research methodologies to suit local conditions, where necessary simplifying
methodological design to be appropriate for non-specialist survey personnel.
 Plan, undertake and lead research SCUBA dives.
 Oversee data collection and validation testing to ensure accurate data collection.
 Ensure that all data are entered correctly and efficiently, checked and analysed within an
appropriate timescale.
 Ensure all data is backed up appropriately on external hard drives on site and in London.
Communicate and disseminate research information to relevant parties.
 Work with other research staff on site to produce regular research updates, blogs and social media
updates, summarising efforts, findings and results.
Additional duties shared by all staff on site.
 Support diving and logistical staff on site with the day-to-day running of the project.
 Ensure that site rules and regulations are respected and adhered to by all personnel.
 Liaise with UK staff in the preparation of funding bids and proposals to support the research
programme on site.


Graduate level qualification in Marine Ecology, Conservation or other related subject essential,
Post-graduate preferred.
Good IT skills
Excellent report writing and analytical skills
The ability to multi-task between ecological and socio-economic roles.
Experience of training and teaching, groups and/or individuals
PADI Dive Master (or equivalent)


Experience of field research on coral reefs and related habitats and species
Experience living and working in remote tropical environments
Good level of spoken and written French
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor or above

Applicants should send a cover letter and a recent copy of their CV (with full address, telephone and e-mail
contact details of three referees) along with the downloadable application form to
Please include the reference “MadagascarFS” in the subject line.
The closing date for applications is 1st March 2015.

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