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To  set  great  store:  accorder  de  l’importance  à    
To  be  fussy  about:  ëtre  difficile  sur    
Pull  the  wool  over  someone  eyes:  tromper  
On  the  back  burner:  on  hold,  suspended    
Think  out  or  think  through    
Get  /  wrap  my  head  around:  essayer  de  comprendre    
To  be  proactive:  to  take  new  challenges    
Demeanour:  attitude    
Traits  of  character:  i  have  been  able  to  perform    
A  huge  array  of  tasks    
To  hone  your  skills:    
• As  a  young  man  he  honed  his  talents  in  showbands  before  fleeing  to  England  for  the  
burgeoning  rock  and  pop  scene.  
• By  then,  Adani  had  honed  his  skills,  and  had  accumulated  the  financial  wherewithal  to  
trade  on  his  own  steam.  
Wherewithal:  Atouts    
To  Own:  To  have  control  over:  For  a  time,  enemy  planes  owned  the  skies.  
a  hands-­‐on  person  is  involved  in  something  and  does  not  let  other  people  do  all  the  work  and  
make  all  the  decisions  
Living  in  the  time  of  high  technology  I  possess  the  capacity  to  …    
My  capabilities  extend  to  understanding      
I  strive  hard  to  : je  m’efforce  de  
To  be  on  a  threadmill :  routine
I  am  on  a  threadmill    
He  plays    
He  watches    
A  curfew  is  an  order  specifying  a  time  during  which  certain  regulations  apply.  
You  have  a  curfew    
Morgane  put  a  curfew  on  you.    
My  curfew  is  from  …  
In  the  doghouse:  in  a  situation  in  which  someone  is  annoyed  with  you  because  of  something  you  
To  be  grounded  :  to  be  restricted  to  your  home.    
Able  to    

Crop up: to appear without warning
Handle thing that crop up like that
I relish : i can t wait
I’am Good at détails

Accurately: with exactitude

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