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Emmanuel Poirier 0033-4-67-56-82-54 emmanuelpoirier@gmx.com

Native French

Fluent English

PC / MAC TECHNICIAN, Prades le lez / France, Oct 2013 - Oct 2014

Saved dozens hours to my non technical client managing ISPs to get Net access fixed
Cleaned then protected from malware PC saving time & money
Backed up important data on Mac & repaired using best quality / price ratio selected spare parts
Connected Android tablet & smartphone to Internet & secured address book in the Cloud

LEVEL 2 IT SECURITY ENGINEER, Trend Micro, Cork, Jun 2012 - Oct 2013

Resolved highly complex issues via email, phone, UC, saving time for customers with >70% CSAT
Performed root cause isolation via Logs analysis solving most cases without escalation
Solved >25% more case per month than required lowering Recovery Time Objective
Boosted customer self help submitting dozens KB & improvement ideas, saving time & money

PC / MAC TECHNICIAN, FR & Loughborough UK, Oct 2010 - May 2012

Translated technical lingo into common language to sell tailored solutions for customers benefit
Saved money & time by selecting best value Hardware according to specs & assembled them
Recovered & backed up successfully data on Linux, Mac & Windows bringing relief
Advised customer about what hardware to buy & explained how to print cheaply

TIER 1 TECH SUPPORT CPU, Apple, Cork, Nov 2009 - Oct 2010

Sold Apple Care Plan and advised customers about hardware, doc & software solutions purchases
Achieved >80% CSAT with very few surveys in one of the most demanding market: France
Resolved more than 4600 customer issues via phone only, under 12 minutes
Improved website & Knowledge Base (KB) via following internal procedures saving time & money

LEVEL 2 TECH SUPPORT, STANDARD LIFE, Dublin, Feb 2008 - Dec 2008

Transferred securely & daily the revenue of the company (up to €300K) to its bank accounts
Ensured lowest downtime by following and speeding up cases resolution through all teams involved
Translated IT messages accurately between IT, developers, office end users
Ensured all deadlines & urgent requests are met in highly pressured periods

LEVEL 2 CORPORATE SERVICE DESK, HP, Dublin, Aug 2006 – Nov 2007

Handled & solved under pressure critical under less than 2 hours issues complying with SLA
Solved efficiently EN & FR IT teams requests through analytical method in 130 countries
Ensured cases follow-ups & ownership for maximum business’ activities productivity
Networked between teams to ensure cases are solved within 7 minutes on average for 70% calls

References available on request

Emmanuel Poirier 0033-4-67-56-82-54 emmanuelpoirier@gmx.com
SYSTEM & NETWORK ADMIN, NE, Montpellier, Oct 1999 – Oct 2004

Optimized infrastructure, dividing by 500% time-consuming tasks such as Windows installations
Maximized budget usage to build cheap and powerful PC & Servers
Performed hardware inventory control for accountancy purpose saving money
Trained users to optimize productivity

Charity Shop Cashier/Helper, Gorta, Dublin,
Charity Shop Cashier, Oxfam, Dublin,
Farming jobs, Orchards, Outback / Australia,
Catering jobs, Reed Hospitality, London / UK,

Oct 2014 – Oct 2014, Volunteer
Feb 2009 - Oct 2009, Volunteer
Nov 2007 – Feb 2008
Dec 2004 – Mar 2005

Team Player

Collaborated successfully with every kind of culture, personality & roles in French & English
Communicated quickly to ensure customers satisfaction via face to face & Unified Communication
Adapted my language to the technical level of recipients including by using pictures / videos
Organized communication exchanges to reduce them to the minimum needed

Customers Face 2 Face / over the phone / email / chat / Webex (UC) technical dealings

Expert at PAIR (Probe Analyse Isolate Resolve) method & structured call flow
Supported French & English speaking markets in medium companies & multinationals
Good listener, show empathy, adapt to technical level of customers, speak in plain English
Handled & solved successfully more than 27*15*22+5*8*22+37*8*22+15*15*22=21252 cases

2012 / 2008 Servers & Windows XP, 7, 8 Workstations
General & in depth administration, troubleshooting & maintenance.
Ensured maximum digital assets security (Confidentiality, Integrity, Accessibility) of Small & Medium
Enterprises & Multinationals companies according to Service Level Objectives by supervising installations,
ensuring normal operations of endpoint products including in depth troubleshooting with logs.
Configuration & creation of VMs under VirtualBox & VMware Workstation, creation of networked bridged
VM workstations, Troubleshooting of frozen / slow virtual servers, move of VM to a different host.
UNIX / Linux / OS X
General & in depth administration, troubleshooting & maintenance.

References available on request

Emmanuel Poirier 0033-4-67-56-82-54 emmanuelpoirier@gmx.com
Documentation Systems / Knowledge Base
Ensure documentation systems are up to date & accurate by submitting thousands of comments &
requests for changes including whole articles to help users / consumers & co-workers.

Network troubleshooting
Defined, Analysed, Isolated & solved TCP-IP issues. Ensured network requirements for software to work
are met, giving in both cases step by step directions to fix them or advising how to configure or upgrade
when hardware changes were required.


Le Crès / France, attempt at buying a business: market research, accountancy
Prades le lez / France, Organic gardening, building painting, building work
On line Marketing training using Product Launch Formula
Berlitz, Dublin / Irel&: TOEIC preparation, 36 hours 1-2-1 English course
London / UK: English language immersion, passed MCP XP
CNAM, Montpellier: 1st Year DPCT, Maths, Algorithmic, C++ programming
IUT, Montpellier / France: 1st Year DUT Info Maths, Algorithmic,
C & Shell programming, SQL Database, Ergonomics
IUT, Béziers / France: 1st Year DUT GTR, Maths, Telecommunication,
Network, TCP-IP, C programming, HTML, Electronics, Physics

References available on request

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