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Address: 1 place d’Apvril 38000 Grenoble, France
Telephone: + 33 (0) 623207913
Skype: antoine.schwartzmann

Serious, dynamic and flexible
with good interpersonal skills
Fluent in English, Spanish and


Master in Geology Exploration ENAG - University of Orleans, France.
Thesis: “Exploration targeting of volcanic massive sulfide deposits in the Archean
Southwestern Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Timmins, Ontario, Canada”
Master 1 Geology Exploration and Risks - University Joseph Fourrier - Grenoble, France
Bachelor in Geology - LaSalle Polytechnic Institute - Beauvais, France



Software Knowledge

- Gold prospection, Ridge and spur

- GIS: ArcGIS/Mapinfo

- Geological mapping of sedimentary,
Magmatic, Archean and tropical zones

- 3D modelisation: Surpac

- Project and workers management

- Database: Access

- Sampling and analysis

- MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

- Lithogeochimical mapping exploration

- Image Analysis: Photoshop Illustrator

- Statistic: XLSTAT

- Field experience in tough conditions

Work Experience:
2014 (6 months):

Consulting Junior exploration Geologist - GoldCrossing Ltd., Timmins, Canada
Gold mining prospection
Contribution to assessment reports

Database and logging interpretation and evaluation
Lithogeochimical exploration (Identified and collected soil and rock samples for assay)
Discovery of new potential area of exploration and drillhole planning
Preparation of maps, mostly focused in an Archean environment (MapInfo / Arcgis)

2013 (6 months): Project management in exploration and cartography - Morocco Atlas, Morocco (ENAG)

Prospecting, field mapping and GIS mapping for epithermal deposit model
Evaluation and creation of 3D geologic models and deposits with Surpac

2012 (2 months):

Technician – Newmont Mining, French Guyana rainforest.
Gold mining prospection
Soil sampling (Ridge and spur)
Supervision of four workers.

2011 (6 months):

Research Assistant- Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama City, Panama
Worked on the the Panama Canal project
Management of volunteer group
Paleontology and cartography

2010 (4 months): Hydrogeological study - Chaumont-en-Vexin - France

Training course of geologic cartography
Sedimentary zone (2 weeks in Castellane and 4 weeks in Meirues-France)
Magmatic zone (2 weeks in La Bourboule-France)

Volunteer activities:

Training as rescuer / first-aid worker for job site
Archaeological voluntary training course in France

Personal interests:

Sports, travelling, science fiction literature, cinema, dancing
Judo (blue belt), karate, tennis, rugby regional team (Panama), swimming, skiing, windsurfing
Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Hawaiian Islands, USA, Spain, England, Germany, Canada

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