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This manual contains important safety procedures concerning the
operation, use and maintenance of this product. Failure to follow the
instructions contained in this manual may result in serious injury. If you are
unable to understand any of the contents of this manual, please bring it to
the attention of your supervisor. Do not operate this equipment unless you
have read and understood the contents of this manual.
The Series 17700A/17701A is used for R-12 vehicles and the Series 34700/34701/
34704 is used for R-134a vehicles. Both units operate the same and have the same
These units are UL-listed as single pass systems and meet the SAE specifications
for recycled refrigerant. They’re also designed to be compatible with existing
service equipment and standard service procedures.
These units are simple to operate and have many user-friendly features:
• a hose holder rack for the manifold hoses
• large diameter wheels that make it easy to move the unit
• a plastic shroud that is resistant to abrasions and chemicals
To validate your warranty, complete the warranty card attached to your unit and
return it within ten days from date of purchase.

A/C System
Unit Tank
Source Tank


The air conditioning system being serviced
The refrigerant recovery/recycling/recharging unit
The refillable refrigerant tank designed specifically
for this unit
A disposable tank of new refrigerant used to refill
the unit tank

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