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Edited by Horacio Pérez-Sánchez
Shubhalaxmi Kher, Jianling Peng, Eve Syrkin Wurtele, Julie Dickerson, Mohd Fakharul Zaman
Raja Yahya, Umi Marshida Abdul Hamid, Farida Zuraina Mohd Yusof, Felipe García-Vallejo,
Martha Cecilia Domínguez, Matthew Ezewudo, Promita Bose, Kajari Mondal, Viren Patel,
Dhanya Ramachandran, Michael E. Zwick, Hugo Saldanha, Edward Ribeiro, Carlos Borges,
Aletéia Araújo, Ricardo Gallon, Maristela Holanda, Maria Emília Walter, Roberto Togawa, João
Carlos Setubal, Imre Pechan, Béla Fehér, Ly Le, María J. R. Yunta, León P. Martínez-Castilla,
Rogelio Rodríguez-Sotres, Scheila de Avila e Silva, Sergio Echeverrigaray, Suman Ghosal, Shaoli
Das, Jayprokas Chakrabarti, Yoshiaki Mizuguchi, Takuya Mishima, Eiji Uchida, Toshihiro
Takizawa, Harun Pirim, Şadi Evren Şeker, Haiping Wang, Taining Xiang, Xuegang Hu

Published by InTech
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Copyright © 2012 InTech
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not necessarily those of the editors or publisher. No responsibility is accepted for the accuracy
of information contained in the published chapters. The publisher assumes no responsibility for
any damage or injury to persons or property arising out of the use of any materials,
instructions, methods or ideas contained in the book.

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First published November, 2012
Printed in Croatia
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Bioinformatics, Edited by Horacio Pérez-Sánchez
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