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TEXT 2 Adjectives activity solution .pdf

Nom original: TEXT 2 Adjectives activity solution.pdf
Auteur: Famille Rialland

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Country: Vietnam
Reinsurance in Vietnam: Trends and Opportunities to 2018
Despite the -financial- crisis, the -Vietnamese- reinsurance segment recorded -stable- growth
during the -review- period (2009–2013). This was primarily due to the -high- frequency of
-natural- disasters, the -increasing- cost of -protection- fees, the expansion of -direct- insurance,
and a -greater- understanding of the benefits of reinsurance.
The number of -dedicated- reinsurers increased from one to two in 2011. In fact, the segment’s
gross -written- premium increased at an -annual- rate of 27.7% in 2013 and the -cumulativeeffect of expansion of Vietnam's -insurance- industry generated more business for reinsurance, a
trend that is expected to continue.
The -key- driver is anticipated to be -government- regulations on -higher- capital requirements for
insurers. By 2018, the segment’s value is expected to increase from VND 5.6 trillion (US$ 0.3
billion) in 2013 to VND 12.5 trillion (US$ 0.5 billion) (17.4%).
The report provides -comprehensive- analyses, information and insights into the -Vietnamesesegment,including:
The -Historical- values
The -competitive- landscape
-Key- drivers
The -projected- figures
-Growth- prospects
Reasons To Buy
Make -strategic- business decisions using -historic- and -forecast- data related to the
segment and each sector within it
Understand the demand and the -market- trends to identify -key- product categories and
Gain insights into the regulations governing this sector, and their -future- impact on
companies and the industry January 29, 2015

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